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Escaping the Dubai hotel fire

Escaping the Dubai hotel fire

Photographer Dennis Mallari was at the Address Hotel to take pictures of Dubai’s fireworks display when it went up in flames. CNN’s Jon Jensen has his story.



  1. just closed your hotel window perhaps ?

  2. Lies.. your cameras were placed far from the fire on the far right side. and at middle there is a escape door straight to staircase.. psss… publicity!

  3. In the news I saw that the firefighter that saved him came to the floor twice. The first time he shouted firefighte call out several times but no one answered. Then he went to the 53rd floor met some of his team mates and the said that there was no one in the building. But his gut was telling something else. So he went back and found him and few days later called and said hes his stuff and it is good to see you in one piece/

  4. Filipinos are very brave and talented.

  5. I bet dick cheney is like "Oh shit, remove these Fire videos ASAP before they know" lol

  6. Why… Didn't he just go down the stairs without the firefighters…

  7. I live in dubai and when it happned I was at burj khalifa

  8. if you think building 7 collapsed due to fire you believe something that seems very unlikely to me

  9. The first thing she dose is go on facebook

  10. the building is on fire but he still photographs the whole thing,
    he must have balls the size of a boulder

  11. Whole video is ruined by the huge CNN banner along the bottom. Stupid editing.

  12. Wow! Hopefully this doesn't happen again!

  13. My friend was in there😭😭😭😭😭 she ran out naked with a towel

  14. This is why flammable materials must never be used on the exteriors of highrise buildings! And yet it's been done internationally, and how many buildings will end up burning the way this one did? The fire in London happened exactly the same way, and that time, scores of people were killed.

  15. on that day, I was not long from the address hotel, just a few roads across, that was me.


  17. My father was the project manager who worked for AEMLC. I got to have a tour of the building and it was looking good but workers would literally piss in the stair well.

  18. didn't collapse though , morons would believe it would , just like they believe official 9/11 stories

  19. What you were doing in the Hotel !!!!!????? Ha ??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁🥳🥳🥳

  20. POV: U r here because this is used in your lecture

  21. Flammable materials should never be used in high-rise buildings as that guy was trapped up on 43rd floor and the fire could easily reach him. The GOOD news is that the Address hotel is now NOT using flammable materials on the outside and and the Burj Khalifa fireworks are now being double-checked before being launched to avoid one going and exploding in the side of the Address hotel and causing another fire. It is now safe to say that the guy trapped in the building in 2015/2016 should now be confident to go back but it’s his choice. Also the way how he acted in the fire… he is a pro as he stayed calm and called for help even though nobody could hear him but the most important lesson for now is to stay calm in a fire and to the engineers- NOT to keep using flammable materials in buildings.

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