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Everything you need to know about travel insurance

Everything you need to know about travel insurance

Everything you need to know about travel insurance

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An overwhelming number of travelers are constantly wondering if they really need travel insurance. For several reasons, we believe that travel insurance is one of the most important things to have when traveling.

Indeed, if you buy a flight from Flytrippers deals (or any flight via research tools), travel insurance is almost essential outside of Canada.

This will be there to cover your medical expenses in the event of illness or accident abroad. She will often reimburse you if your flight is canceled or if your luggage is lost. It is also she who will take care of your repatriation if necessary.

In this article, we want to share with you all our knowledge of travel insurance so you know what to expect on your next trip.

You can also read the second part of this articlewith details ofan exclusive travel insurance offer to Flytrippers fans (with discount code of course, because Flytrippers always wants to save you money).

Why is travel insurance necessary?

Here we start by summarizing the most important reasons why travel insurance is necessary for any trip in our opinion:

-A travel insurance allows you not to lose money and to be always protected. For just a few dollars a day, you can save a lot of money in the event of an accident.

-Medical insurance prevents unpleasant surprises when it comes to paying for hospitalization costs abroad which can often be enormous (especially if you are traveling to the United States)…we are talking about thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.

-By being covered, you will have access to a help center during your trip (24/7). So you can travel with peace of mind.

-Travel insurance protects you against events that are beyond your control, such as a natural disaster or the theft of your luggage.

-It allows you not to worry if your trip is cancelled, delayed or suddenly interrupted for any reason among those covered (the most common are illness or accident).

– It protects your physical and mental health.

What is travel insurance?

It’s just emergency protection if things don’t go as planned. Travel insurance exists to protect you when incidents occur whether medical or non-medical.

Your health insurance card obviously does not work outside of Canada, so without insurance, you unfortunately have no protection. If nothing happens to you, you’re fine. But if an accident happens (and by default these are rarely foreseeable), it could cost you dearly. And the good news is that travel insurance is really, really affordable.

To make it easier for you, we’ve summarized the different types of plans in the following infographic.

What is NOT covered?

Of course, all travel insurance plans include exclusions.

Here’s what’s not usually understood (always read the policies of each insurance policy and don’t miss next week’s in-depth article on Flytrippers’ insurance partner with all those details clearly stated):

-A pre-existing illness diagnosed before your departure.

-A trip undertaken against the medical advice of your doctor.

-All risks requiring additional insurance such as: taking part in a race, the practice of an extreme sport (ex: bungee jumping), any illegal act or the consumption of drugs.

-The Ddestinations subject to a travel advisory issued by Global Affairs Canada.

-Other specific situations which are described in the section “What is not covered” of your insurance contract.

How to choose the right travel insurance?

We know it can be difficult to choose from the many insurance companies and all the plans available. In the end, what’s important is that you get a plan that’s right for you.

In the case of Flytrippers, the insurer which was the least expensive (an important criterion for everything related to their travels) and which offered the best cover for many situations, it was getawaya Quebec company with which they have therefore decided to establish a partnership, in particular to offer you a discount code and help you save money. You can click here to explore their site and come back to this blog next week for the in-depth article on the benefits of their fonts.

In any case, when choosing your travel insurance, remember the following things:

1) Plans are not all the same

It is important to understand that insurance plans are all different. Although they may have many similarities, there are subtle disparities between them that can make a big difference to you. So take the time to do your research to make an informed choice.

2) Credit card travel insurance

Before looking for travel insurance, be sure that you are not already covered by your credit card. Many credit cards charge an annual fee in exchange for travel protection, which is one of their biggest benefits, besides free travel thanks to the Travel Hacking. Often the cards cover you as well as extra insurance and come with that travel insurance included for 14, 15, 21 or 25 days, completely free (in fact you even get paid to get them if you choose the good credit cards).

If this is the case with your credit card, read the details of the clauses carefully to see if the insurance covers you for everything you need. Keep in mind that credit cards generally offer very limited protection. For example, it could very well be that repatriation by air is not included. So always check before you go! And remember that sometimes you will only be covered by this insurance if you book your trip with the said credit card, it depends on the cards.

3) Youth package

Some insurance companies offer youth packages. This type of coverage is generally for people aged 30 and under and costs less than a regular plan. If you are under 30, look for companies that offer this package.

4) Get insurance as soon as possible

You absolutely must have your insurance before the start of your trip. You should therefore buy your cover as soon as you book your flight. Thus, if your trip is canceled before departure, you will be covered and therefore reimbursed.

Often, it is very difficult to be insured once outside the country (or even impossible).

Once insured

Here are some important details to know once you have chosen your coverage and are insured:

1) Take the necessary precautions

Start by checking the recommended vaccinations for the destination you are traveling to and visiting a travel clinic if needed. Also, always travel with the necessary medication or your prescription medication.

2) Read your insurance contract carefully

Reading your travel insurance policy can be boring, but is very important and necessary. So pay special attention to the fine print. Go on a trip knowing what is and is not included in your coverage.

3) Contact your travel insurance before seeing a doctor abroad

Unless this is impossible for you, you should always speak with your insurance company before receiving medical treatment when travelling. This is very important! First, Emergency Assistance will direct you to the right clinic or hospital to avoid delays or potential problems. In addition, if you do not contact her before, the insurer could refuse your claim. Avoid trouble and contact your insurer in the event of a problem!

4) Pay, then claim

If you need to see a doctor abroad or receive medical treatment, you will have to pay the associated costs and seek reimbursement from your insurer afterwards. You will also need to submit the necessary documentation to the insurance company. It is therefore necessary to keep any useful papers (such as police reports or payment receipts) as proof to provide to your insurer.

5) Complete the claim form

If you have to make a claim during your trip or on your return, you will need to complete your insurance form. Note that it must be duly completed and signed, accompanied by supporting documents (if necessary) and sent by post to the address indicated on it. Normally, your insurer will email you a copy of this form. Otherwise, you can find it on the company’s website.


Read about Flytrippers travel insurance partner Escapade Travel Insurance and get a discount code.


Having travel insurance is very important! In order to avoid any risk abroad, we believe that travel cover remains the best option. This will bring you peace of mind during your trip! Of course, we hope you never have to use it, but if you do you’ll certainly be relieved to have joined.

Do you have any other questions about travel insurance? If so, tell us which ones!

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