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EXPLORING IBIZA SPAIN | Balearic Islands Travel Guide

EXPLORING IBIZA SPAIN | Balearic Islands Travel Guide

WHAT HAPPENED IN IBIZA? A couple years back, Jaycation spent a few days in Ibiza, Spain. Find out what happened in Ibiza and why I will not return to Ibiza Town again!

Comment below your experiences and what you think!

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  1. It happens in travel. I ran into many issues. Small issue if they got virtually nothing.

  2. Hi Jaycation I'm glad you and Justin didn't get hurt! Take care always! Loved this vlog!❤️keep vlogging!

  3. Man rough story.. that would have messed me up to.. Glad you were with your friend and not alone, but great advice about not walking in a deserted area.

  4. That's when Manny Pacquiao's left hook comes in handy..

  5. Hey "Gei-Gei!" Loved watching your video! Yasmin and I stayed at Giromundo when we all met in 2013. We also had an experience that year that put a damper on our trip where our stuff was stolen on the beach. That definitely made me wary about ever wanting to go back to Ibiza. I'm glad your camera was safe so you could post this video and I could have some happy memories come back about walking through Ibiza town. 🙂 it was awesome meeting you and Justin on that trip! Great job with the videos and travel tips!! Xx

  6. Yall can Act like what? Real what?… . Haha..  Mykonos is way better than Ibiza.

  7. I have just completed a military-themed trip. I saw the tractor actually drove to the sea to help the boat. Also painted a watercolor. Look at your video again, your channel theme is great, we work hard together.

  8. Just this Tuesday I was in Ibiza for one day, did walk where you walked during the day and later in the afternoon took a bus to San Antonio to see the sunset, so that was very nice. Nice video, (and good thing nothing bad happened to you guys).

  9. Hi I'm planning a trip to spain in December do you think its ok to travel to ibiza? Have you been there in December? How is the weather? Thank you

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