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Expo 2020 Dubai: Sneak Peek Into 192 Pavilions & Everything You Need To Know | Curly Tales UAE

Expo 2020 Dubai: Sneak Peek Into 192 Pavilions & Everything You Need To Know | Curly Tales UAE

Curly Tales Dubai visited Expo 2020 in the first week of its opening to get you a sneak peek inside the pavilions and what it has to offer. With the sizing equivalent to 600 football fields, the Expo definitely cannot be covered in one day. Here’s everything you need to know before you plan your visit to the site.

The cherry on top is coming face to face with the ruler of Dubai & His son – HH Sheikh Mohammed & HH Sheikh Hamdan as they were touring the Vision Pavilion.

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  1. Meeth by s order (self of body parts names and family relative devotees safety one ,worker ,shop one, goods call one..earth, Water, air, s means negative owner universes).s from 3000+years positive work drama doing so positive work of infnitive polpattiyan for hide negative work get doing.

  2. My question is after expo what gonna do with those 192 pavilions??

  3. Thank q jani mam u hel p lot with u r videos

  4. Haraamkhori jab shuru hoti hai to wo
    Qoum aur mulk barbaad ho jaate hai unkareeb hai teri barbadi

  5. beautiful video , just what i was looking for , i love dubai

  6. Do we need separate tickets for entering pavilions.

  7. Nice video! Do they charge for transport for moving from one place to other? Is it okay to take off mask while taking pics or making videos?


  9. Wish these types of things should be in india but here government is busy in mandir and masjid

  10. With indian vacine ( covid shield ) we can visit the expo kindly clarify

  11. Expo 2020 Dubai… Beautiful and lovely… ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Very nice 👌 video love 😘 from Islamabad Pakistan.

  13. I was there last week..amazing experience ,one day was not enough for me to explore it..light show and the water fall with music was amazing…

  14. Dubai is tax free country and see the growth
    India is taking 28% GST and see the growth
    Growth is totally depends on great leadership.

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