Father’s Day in Mexico

Once a year in Mexico, Father’s Day is celebrated, the date when Mexicans devote themselves to thanking them for the good work they have done over the years. Although the meaning is the same in all countries, it does not happen on the same day and does not have the same story in all parts of the world.

The origin of Father’s Day in Mexico

Father’s Day in Mexico is an American tradition. This holiday is relatively young because it was celebrated there for the first time in 1910. It was not until 1966 that President Lyndon B. Johnson declared it a national holiday. She began honoring fathers and dedicating this day to them because of Sonora Smart Dodo’s admiration and love for her war veteran father, Henry Jackson Smart.

His mother died giving birth to his sixth child, and Mr. Smart cared for them all on a farm in Washington County. It was in that same country that the special date that became Father’s Day in Mexico and many other countries around the world was celebrated for the first time.

It is during the hearing of mass on the day Mother’s Day that Sonora Smart Dodo wanted to honor her father. According to his personal experience, the most fundamental figure in his life was his father, who was the person who pulled the cart with all his siblings and the house. For her, he was certainly not a defender, he was directly a hero. It is thanks to him that we are currently talking about how Father’s Day is celebrated in Mexico and other countries of the world.

Celebrate Father’s Day in Mexico

This holiday is celebrated almost on the entire American continent on the same date. Truly, mothers and fathers’ day is every day, every hour, because the work they do with their children is often admirable and applauded every night. It’s the only job with 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Of course, in the case of the Aztec country, it happens in the same way, which is why Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are celebrated in a very intense way in Mexico. Canceling all plans, stopping the use of electronic devices (phones, computers, tablets, etc.) and everything that we would do on Sundays in order to dedicate this day to our parents is a very common occurrence.

Celebrate Father's Day in Mexico

This date is questioned and criticized. It is said that over the years, brands have used Father’s Day, both in Mexico and in the rest of the world, to increase spending, but the truth is that it depends on the pocket, imagination and time of each person or family. An old photo or a special moment spent with your father, in a beautiful frame and packed with all the love in the world, will always touch your heart more. The day is more sentimental than a day of demonstration of economic power.

A good example of this is what happens in schools and educational centers a few weeks before this holiday. In cooperation with craftsmen, they design a greeting card and a gift that the children design themselves. The celebration of Father’s Day in Mexico is also held in this way, because it is considered important to teach children the value of working with imagination, making something themselves and thinking about the details for them.

A lot can be said with a little. If you add a meal in the countryside or in a special place to this surprise of the children at home, but without going to the best restaurant in town, the result will be on a level, very nice moments and care for every detail according to the patriarch of the family.

This is a unique opportunity to strengthen educational values, to show affection, respect and admiration to parents. No one is born knowing everything, and being a father is not something that is learned in a career, which is why it is so important to remember to celebrate Father’s Day in Mexico so that it is not forgotten.

How to celebrate Father’s Day in Mexico 2021

For the past few years, this date has fueled the Father’s Day race, which brings many people together for a valuable cause: playing sports and maintaining a healthy life alongside their fathers or children, depending on where you are. into the family. In Mexico it is celebrated in the same way as in Spain, spending the day with the fathers, giving them a significant gift for this date and a plan designed for them.

Every moment our parents spent with us, every expression of their love, every word of support, the hand that lifted us up, the shoulder we cried on, the person we thought about.

If you look back, if you look forward, our fathers and mothers are the people who are with us on this journey and that makes the existence of Father’s Day more than deserved. We must not forget that it is their time, so making plans that they normally do, but this time in the company of children, will make them completely happy.

The gift is not a material part, the real gift on this day is the company of the family. To be able to have a good time at the table remembering every step together and be grateful that we were able to do it thanks to our parents.


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