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Global Express – Hot Weather Ops in Dubai, UAE – 4K [With ATC Audio]

Global Express – Hot Weather Ops in Dubai, UAE – 4K [With ATC Audio]

Get “The Pilot Factored”: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1073357473) Welcome back to The Global Life! As you’ve noticed this video …



  1. Salut mon ami j’étais inquiet de toi avec le virus 😱 Merci de l’info sur toi a la fin 😉👍🏼👏🌈🌈

  2. Wow thanks for sharing all of this gorgeous views including your good explanations ! like we say here 🌈ça va bien aller !!

  3. Great video, once again. I think you should talk about keeping healthy outside the plane more! Keep it up!

  4. once again, nice vid. Thanks for sharing your moments. How many days you are on duty on this trip?

  5. That's a tough one between the hilton and Marriott. I'd have to say none now seeing that I've been furloughed. Marriott though better amenities

  6. Another great video. Any particular reason you went into OMDB instead of an airport like OMDW or OMSJ with much shorter taxi times and much less traffic? A lot of operators we deal with prefer the Marriott over the Hilton chain.

  7. Superbe vidéo ! Je viens de découvrir la chaîne j’adore ! Je fais souvent des photos à Nice c’est sympas de voir un décollage depuis le cockpit depuis Nice ! J’espère être corporate pilot également ! Superbe chaîne en tout cas et bon courage !!

  8. You did it again JP. Great video of the flight. Not too sure about the semi naked bathroom scenes but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures😂😂😂😂 I work for the greatest airline in Australia (not Qantas) and have to agree, that wherever you work, it is the employees that make the difference and it is us that will get us through these tough times. Best wishes to you, your family and to the rest of us who believe that we will get through this. Stay safe mate ❤

  9. Nice vid. Why the full aileron deflection with 7knots on take off? Cheers

  10. Great video Captain think you very much for the information regarding the fuel Vapour lock very beautiful To go back to these basic information is to remind the pilot for it and to share how to D vibrate your aircraft again wishing you all the best safe flight thanks for sharing

  11. You are no 2 after Chuck Yeager

  12. your videos are the best! Greetings from Mexico. I really love your videos, thank you 🙂

  13. I thought the Bombardier was fly by wire and just had a joy stick.

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