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Go Through the Entire 19-Course Tasting Menu of a Michelin-Starred Barcelona Restaurant

Go Through the Entire 19-Course Tasting Menu of a Michelin-Starred Barcelona Restaurant

If you find yourself in Barcelona, Spain, pay a visit to a Disfrutar, a Michelin-star restaurant opened by a three chefs who consider themselves close enough to be brothers. Together, their goal is to bring laid-back, creative Mediterranean food to local diners and travelers alike.

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Go Through the Entire 19-Course Tasting Menu of a Michelin-Starred Barcelona Restaurant



  1. I thought they gonna go out n celebrate but it’s just AD.

  2. well, its cool but i wish we actually got to see a review of all the dishes instead of the guy making it and telling them how to eat it, then moving on to the next dish..

  3. 2:03 Discouraged by his recent failures, Fernando Alonso takes up cooking to help forget his time at McLaren

  4. I KNEW this could not be a restaurant in NYC. Yes probably the most inventive and best tasting food I've ever had was in a quiet BARCELONA restaurant, where the chef literally lived upstairs, came downstairs and made each dish himself. Probably the best kept secret in NYC – is where to get good food.

  5. The best meals I have ever had have been in Spain, but it was not transparent pasta or super small dishes. Spain – Lovely architecture, good food but you have to search for it.

  6. "Laid back and down to earth" Having gone to Spain and this strip – He means it – when you are in Europe you experience things tat are very counterintuitive to the "western" or any other "regular" way of doing things – like a restaurant with a super high end menu that's down to earth -seems impossible? – He is not kidding – believe it.

  7. These are El Bulli dishes.

  8. the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. let them enjoy food and shut the f*** up.

  9. Nah. Give me a fat steak and a beer lmao

  10. I’m just here for the comments and they are hilarious. I really was expecting something better than that. I would be pissed if I had a 19 course meal and that’s what I was being served and I have been to some of the finest restaurants in the country. It’s not even about the portion sizes it’s just the dishes them self. Nothing about that seems appetizing.

  11. The best dishes are those who let you think you're in a food themepark. Not only to smell the food more likely to experience the food.

  12. This restaurant is really top-notch. It must be so top-grossing.

  13. what annoys me most in restaurants like that is that there is always sb above your head telling you what to eat, when, how, or in what order.

  14. Time for the secret decoder ring!

  15. This would be a really cool experience…but I’d probably go to McDonald’s afterwards

  16. I left this video the second they were scooping caviar with a metal spoon

  17. Imagine this video but every single guy is Fred Armisen. It works right?

  18. The servings sizes are ridiculous. Definitely a rip off.

  19. I like how they put a built in ad at the start of the video

  20. Pretentious crap.

    You can eat wonders in Spain, but it’s not this.

  21. Nothing was actually food just some desert that looked like food. Strange..

  22. “trying to make it as natural as possible”
    gelatin macaroni with carbonara foam

  23. This is the kind of beautiful stuff that dumb 1200 dollar restaurants dream they could do

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