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Learn about my experience going to Dubai for the first time. I use the travel group; Destination Dubai VIP to book this action packed Dubai trip..In all this girls trips was amazing and over the top; but check my video out to learn why I will never go back … 😅

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  1. Come on girl, you mean to tell me that you didn't know that Dubai was a Muslim country and they have restrictions that if you break the rules you can be put in jail or that you can be killed for. Women are second-class citizens and you better not be seen as gay, it is no place to get in trouble at. The photos you are showing are just beautiful, that is as close as I'd like to be with Dubai. But be respectful of their laws.

  2. Sounds like y’all didn’t do any individual research before going 🤷‍♀️

  3. This is so sad to hear all this negativity about the city I had been living for 8 years and that I Know extremely well all this it’s not 100% true.
    We can dress with whatever we want here, I had never had to cover up (only to go to the mosque in Abu Dhabi)
    Sex toys are not allowed here, they will take them away from you at the airport and you will not be in danger for that or anything, drugs are not allowed here as well as the whole rest of Asia. I am black, 70% of the Arabs are dark skinned, so people don’t look at you weird for being black, but because you were a tourist and you are too many walking around next to each other and that normally Calls people attention all over the world… I had seen the destination dubai crew and it called my attention several time … it’s 200 people walking next to each other like sheeps being pastored hahaha
    Every time I go to USA I get to the whooooooooole airport experience you went through each and every time…. Even my shoes had been broken to find drugs in USA 🥺 without excuse, without refund nothing… not even an apology.

    There is lots going on in Dubai as well as all over the world, not city it’s perfect.
    But it’s sad how people make a whole perception of the situation and make it into a negative thing and tag the place as THAT!!!
    Arab culture it’s loud, that’s why I can understand the you sensed aggressively from the sellers in the Gold Souq or Old Dubai ( most of them are from Pakistani and India ( two different Asian countries ) … but if you smile to them, keep on walking and tell them, “No Thanks Habibi I don’t need” they will let you alone …. They are just trying to sell and promote their products they don’t want to harm you. If you even give them attention they will take you to the store, seat you down and the 1st thing they will ask you is, Madame, what would you like to drink? Do you need a coffee, water ? … No bad intention…
    This kind of selling happens all around the markets all around the world… I had lived in 6 countries and I had travel all over the world I know what I am saying…

    Dubai it’s hot from May till October – that’s the summer here… if you come in high season that it’s from October till may ( tickets, hotels etc etc are more expensive in that time, that’s why destination dubai it’s affordable… ) the weather it’s perfect.

    You are always welcome back to Dubai.
    As you said your experience became negative since you arrive at the airport ( where energy goes, energy flows, you brain got hooked up on finding negatives and not positive, that’s pure psychology and energy )

    And by the way the Ferrari Word it’s in Abu Dhabi, that’s a whole another Emirate and it’s the capital of UAE.

    Dubai it’s extremely Safe, there is endless job opportunities here, it’s a cosmopolitan city, always changing and evolving, advance in technology, entertainment never stops.

    I will not say dubai it’s perfect nor I want to make it look perfect, but I could not pass this video and be cool with listening all those things that are different to the reality.

  4. This video so inaccurate. There are many Africans in Dubai. Also you must not of went to Dubai marina. They have a few bars that they do not care about how women or anyone dress. Best time to go is in March or April for anyone curious!

  5. I’m so sorry about your experience. I just came back from Dubai… custom didn’t ask question or did all that. It was smooth but during the trip… I probably was mad 75 percent mad because some of this people are greedy when it comes to money and they have lie to me. I felt like people over hype Dubai. I spend way to much money in Dubai I made a lot of mistakes but it’s all good. I was just happy to back in Houston Texas. I travel a lot myself but this experience did not change me.I would rather go back home (Congo Central Africa ) because it’s my home and I would be more comfortable than Dubai. Even though Dubai was very safe for me I didn’t have any issues. But Dubai is not like place I would go back anytime soon not even 2 years from now. Thank you for this video I learn a lot today.

  6. Hey Girl, Thanks.For The Super Honest Review. Dubai Is Prob One Of The Only Countries In The Middle East That I've Been Really Dying To Go To. Altho Now, I'm Just Not So Sure That This White Girl Can Take The Heat That U Described. I've Heard That Dubai Is One Of The Least Racist Out Of The All The Middle Eastern Countries, So Ur Experience Speaks Volumes. I'm Canadian & I Absolutely Love It Up Here. I'm About An Hrs Drive Outta Toronto, So Anything U Could Ever Want Is Never Too Far Away. Don't Get To See The Borealis Lights From Here Tho But, I Definitely Would Recommend Them If U Ever Decide To Take A Trip North. I'd Come In The Summer Time Tho. I Wish U The Best Of Luck With The Rest Of Ur Travels!

  7. They don’t do that with Jamaicans. You watched other nationalities go through with ease at the airport or other ethnicities?

  8. Hi. One question:
    Are you a student or have to work for a living? Or are just born rich and can afford jet set lifestyle? Thanks.

  9. We just got back and had no problem. But i also heard things have changed over the years.

  10. it was too hot for your shoulders to be covered? Did you die?! lol

  11. Noticed speaking arabic even if botched smoothes things out.

  12. Wow amazing!!

    Black men didn't get blamed for thier treatment ?!

    By a black woman?
    Simply amazing!

    Wonders never cease!!

  13. Why have they got such a problem with cbd for goodness sake? There was a British football coach who got a 75 year jail sentence for having a vape pen in his car who has been getting tortured in prison. Nah, let them be damned.

  14. I just feel like it has a dark side to there,🤔

  15. You didn’t seem to have done your homework before going to Dubai.

  16. Honestly I don't even want to be in an Islamic country again, no matter how luxurious their cities are. I had a short layover in Qatar coming the UK from South Africa. I only booked that airline because it was a good price. It's funny how their news channel Al Jazeera does a hit piece on racism in the US. Yet the beat the shit out of their African maids and even rape them.

  17. Hilarious about tht 120 degrees at day n night but me n friends are goin n I totally expect to be stopped n searched 4 black men n black girl !! But I was searched in Aruba n Mexico so I kind of just look forward to being treated like a criminal in Dubai bc they feel like black ppl are always transporting drugs but they don’t check all the white ppl that kept trying to tell me where drugs were n I dnt even partake in drugs at all so I’m sure I’ll b treated a certain way !!!

  18. I am a black african woman that visited Dubai less than a month ago and I never experienced any of this. In all honesty, I was pleasantly surprised because I expected to be with some form of racism or hostility but experienced neither. I highly recommend visiting Dubai, it was a very pleasant experience. I also recommend going in the cooler months because Dubai is in a desert so high temperatures are to be expected.

  19. The US immigration officers harass we Africans far more just because of where we are from than what happens in Dubai.

  20. Says an American black girl.u know ur black men stare and harrasse girls in NY.

  21. Your lying, which Dubai did you go to, when I came to UAE I saw different things, I see whites wearing with shoulders out, black gals, people at the airport port wearing the way they want bats out. I have lived in Dubai for 5 years besides security here is so strict they don't paly games so let people do their job that's why UAE is one of the safest cities in the whole world, In America people on streets have guns like how do u even walk besides someone with a gun, here in UAE it can take u forever to see a gun anywhere, u can forget your phones or laptop 💻 anywhere and you will still find it or u will be called, about the sun, ur talking about the sun too much but that's UAE bby gal you were coming to a desert 🏜️ hellow 🥺. UAE is a country to visit please Habibi come to Dubai

  22. Why would you go to a country half dressed if it's a Muslim or Jewish country ? Those women are naked under the garbs so they're cool.


  24. I went to Dubai two years ago & they stopped my son at the airport. It wasn’t a bad experience we had an amazing even though things were closing due to the pandemic. I always dress the same way I’m from Chicago so it was fine. Those men are very aggressive but I had the same experience in Ghana & Egypt

  25. When next u wanna go on vacation come to Nigerian u are really gonna enjoy it

  26. I live in Dubai, when next u come contact me to take u around and also take care of u ok

  27. Keep your filthiness and dirtiness in USA, don’t ever think to go to such clean and respectful places like Dubai, otherwise they will kick you on your ass, and send you back to the septic-tank you belongs to.

  28. I'm sorry I have to say this but I usually find Americans very ill informed about the countries they visit. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience there but not really surprised, thb.

  29. Which is funny cause there all the IG models that go over there an get bang an are dressed like they do on iG

  30. Hi…I was interested to become a flight attendant then i text somewhere a man called me n sent me a form which included stange conditions : only 8 days flight in a month, wearing bikini in private flights n he said he's hiring for Dubai Emirates…but I got confused n asked some people about it then they told me no airlines asks you to wear BIKINI…!!! 🛑🛑🛑 He might be trying to Trap you then I said No…!!! 😏

  31. I have relatives that visited Dubai and loved it. FYI: My family is Muslim.

  32. Fuk Dubai- too many other countries that accept our Black people, without all the BS, I don’t do Racism at all… Ethiopia 🇪🇹 is nice, Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 is nice, anywhere the people of color, that actually is not prejudiced against darker people of color – Maybe 🤔 you should visit Sweden 🇸🇪 or Australia 🇦🇺, UK 🇬🇧 , Germany 🇩🇪, or Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿….

  33. It really is a good idea to research the culture and laws of a country BEFORE you plan a visit. See how they treat women, especially black women. Surprised the tour company did not let you know the tea.

  34. It's a Muslim country, you have to cover up in mosques only. Nowhere else. People wear anything they want. Dubai is not hot, it's extremely humid. It's a desert after all. In winter weather is mild to cold. There's so much diversity in Dubai and with that comes many cultures with differing behaviours. The area you visited are mainly Asian sales people and they not the most sophisticated people on earth. They stare at all women and in your face kind of sales habits. Emiratis (UAE Nationals) generally keep to themselves in public. The customs guys don't only check blacks as you said yourself your friends that came through at another time did not have the same experience as you. Dubai is very strict on drugs as the US customs are. The last few years has been hectic with drug traffickers oing through their airports. It wasn't personal, I believe so. It was unfortunate that you had a bad experience which you believe was racially motivated, but I can assure you it happens in black countries to bkack women as well.

  35. People let us please go where We and our black dollars are Respected and Valued. Y'all ain't fed up of burning to learn?

  36. Girrl! Thank you so so very much for this information. I truly had my heart set on going here for my birthday. But no THANKS. Everything negative thing that you said was everything that i despise the most about people, places, airport check-in, etc.

  37. The men, some are pervs. You should see the Twitter response to grabbing women and forcing themselves onto them.

  38. As a man I've visited the Dubai Gold Souk and they were very aggressive…even followed me for a bit….long story short, I'm stubborn, so I didn't buy ANYTHING! I'm supposed to be here for 3 years but um….I will say this though….no police harrassment here…no gun violence…no violence in general….I'm going to keep it positive for now.

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