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Gold is easy: Kaggle tips and tricks | by Chahhou Mohamed | Kaggle Days Dubai | Kaggle

Gold is easy: Kaggle tips and tricks | by Chahhou Mohamed | Kaggle Days Dubai | Kaggle

I have graduated from the Ecole Polythechnique of Brussels and obtained a PhD in Computer Science at the University Hassan I (Morocco). I am actually a Professor at the Faculty of Science Dhar EL Mahraz (Morocco) and co-founder of the ibs-analytica startup. I am a self thaught Data Scientist who started his journey with Kaggle 5 years ago. I have recently obtained the kaggle Competition Grand Master title (ranked 15th) and won the 1 million dollar zillow prize.
I enjoy competing on Kaggle and always aim for simple and elegant solutions for Data Science problems.

Kaggle Days Dubai was held May 30 – April 1 2019 as a part of AI Everything. Participants came to meet, learn and code with Kaggle Grandmasters, and compete in a full-day offline competition.

This edition is presented by LogicAI with sponsorship from Kaggle and Google Cloud.

Kaggle Days are a global series of offline events for seasoned data scientists and Kagglers created by LogicAI and Kaggle.

Follow Kaggle Days online:
Visit the WEBSITE: https://kaggledays.com/
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About LogicAI:
LogicAI as a creator of Kaggle Days is a sole partner of Kaggle to build global offline community.
LogicAI is a boutique Data Science consultancy company owned by Kaggle fans and Grandmasters. As a global company, they do custom end-to-end AI and Data Science development projects as well as trainings for C-level management and tech teams.
Want help with your AI projects or want to work with LogicAI to create AI strategies? Simply apply at https://logicai.io

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Visit the WEBSITE: https://logicai.io/
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About Kaggle:
Kaggle is the world’s largest community of data scientists. Join us to compete, collaborate, learn, and do your data science work. Kaggle’s platform is the fastest way to get started on a new data science project. Spin up a Jupyter notebook with a single click. Build with our huge repository of free code and data. Stumped? Ask the friendly Kaggle community for help.

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Connect with us on LINKEDIN: http://www.linkedin.com/company/kaggle?utm_medium=youtube&utm_source=channel&utm_campaign=yt-lkn

Advance your data science skills:
Take our free online courses: http://www.kaggle.com/learn/overview?utm_medium=youtube&utm_source=channel&utm_campaign=yt-learn
Get started with Kaggle Kernels: http://www.kaggle.com/docs/kernels?utm_medium=youtube&utm_source=channel&utm_campaign=yt-krnl
Download clean datasets from Kaggle: http://www.kaggle.com/docs/datasets?utm_medium=youtube&utm_source=channel&utm_campaign=yt-datast
Sign up for a Kaggle Competition: http://www.kaggle.com/docs/competitions?utm_medium=youtube&utm_source=channel&utm_campaign=yt-comps
Explore the Kaggle Public API: http://www.kaggle.com/docs/api?utm_medium=youtube&utm_source=channel&utm_campaign=yt-docs

Gold is easy: Kaggle tips and tricks | by Chahhou Mohamed | Kaggle Days Dubai | Kaggle




  1. We realize the audio is not great here! This particular event was held in an open auditorium and the live audience was listening via headphone "silent disco" style. As a result, there was a lot of background noise in these videos. We will do better at future events!

  2. Around 3:28 What is the idea behind "In teams, only share important insights" ? What is the advantage of not sharing within the team ?

  3. Next competition idea: remove the background music from the videos

  4. i have been studying for 10 months now im just learning while people are making such big projects from scratch

  5. Well explained

  6. Very useful advice in this talk, the experience is very useful in assisting in implementation of models!

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