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season, and in this season, we do a lot of traveling
to see family and friends. So today, I’m going to be sharing with you some of my tips that
I use when I am flying and traveling with the family. I have a pretty big family,
there are six of us, four kids, ranging from 17 down to six. So I’m not in the little
baby/toddler phase anymore, but there’s gonna be lots
of tips for you about how to travel with them. Okay, let’s jump right into it. So, my number one tip, is give each kid their own carry-on bag. Like their own backpack. That way, they have their
toys in there, their books, their crayons, their snacks,
their headphones, everything. Now, if you are traveling
with toddlers and babies, I would suggest not even
packing a separate bag for you. Put your book, or, you know, something, your phone, your wallet,
stuff for you in the baby bag. Because when you’re
traveling, it is chaotic when you have got other kids
you’re keeping your eye on, other bags, if you just
share a bag with your baby or toddler, it’s so much easier. But if you have kids that
are a little bit older, give them their own backpack. They could take care of it,
they could keep it under their seat, and they could
wear it in the airport. It’s easy breezy. Okay, also, in their
backpacks, put something new that they haven’t played
with on the inside. It is so exciting for them to
reach in and find a new toy. It will keep them occupied. My kids loved those markers,
that if you wrote on something, it’s clear, you can’t see
anything, but it would come alive on the magic paper. Oh my goodness, my kids loved those. That way they can be playing
with markers, and coloring, but not getting markers all
over the plane, the seat, you. (laughs) We like to give our kids
their own headphones. That way they could watch a movie, or listen to music on the plane, they all have
their own, and you don’t have to buy them on the flight. Okay, in those backpacks
that your kids have, give them their own individual snack bag. So, before our flight a few weeks back, we went to the Carolinas,
I grabbed a big Ziploc bag for each of the kids,
wrote their names on them, and I shoved as much
snacks as I could in there. That way on the long flight,
they had plenty to choose from, and then that way, you
don’t have to hear from across the aisle, or behind
you, mom, I need a snack. Mom I want a snack. They have their own bag, and
then they can help themselves. Now, with this, give them their
own water bottle, but don’t put any water in it until
you get through security. That way they could
fill their water bottles when they get inside, and it’s free. It is crazy expensive at
the airport, for water, for gum, for anything, getting a meal. It’s so expensive. They hike the prices up. So, may I suggest to you,
that you feed your family before your flight. Either eat at home, or go
through a drive-through. The drive-through is going
to be way less expensive than that same restaurant,
maybe at the airport. It’s killer. Okay, that dreadful ear
popping when you’re landing. Oh my goodness. You know, sometimes, adults still have this problem, ever get that itchy feeling? Well, that ends up hurting the kids. So what we like to do,
when my kids were little, when they were babies,
I would make a bottle right before the landing,
give them a bottle, or give them their binky, so that way, that would help with the ears popping. But for the landing, you can
also give them gum of course. But what I noticed that my
kids loved on this recent trip was licorice, I had Twizzlers with me, and they loved chewing on that. Shaylee, my youngest, my six
year old, her ears were popping like crazy on on the landing, and I didn’t have gum yet, and so, she was just
chewing on the Twizzlers, and they helped her a lot. Okay, my last tip for you, is to share a suitcase. We’re a family of six. I was not going to take
six, or even five suitcases with us on this trip, no way. The place that we were
staying at, you could do the laundry there, they
had a washer and dryer. So, I put the boys in one
bag, the girls in one bag, and my husband and I in one bag. So we took three bags, and
we were able to do laundry. And I think, honestly, I over
packed still for that trip, I think we could have even
gone a little bit less. But that’s okay, we had a blast, and, we only had to worry
about three suitcases. Well, those are my traveling tips for you. It is fun and challenging
to fly as a family, but the memories you
create are so worth it. Leave your tips and tricks
down below, so we can pick up some new ones for the
next time that we travel. Thanks so much for joining
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