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How I Get Free Hotel Upgrades Every Time (3 Simple Steps!)

How I Get Free Hotel Upgrades Every Time (3 Simple Steps!)

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Getting free upgrades to better rooms and amazing suites can truly elevate the quality of your hotel stay. And with a little bit of hotel elite status on your side (which you can earn by signing up for a single credit card), you’ll be unlocking these free upgrades in no time.

Just because you’re entitled to these upgrades, however, doesn’t mean you’ll be getting them all the time… unless you explicitly ask for them, which is exactly what you should do.

In this video, I share with you the three-step strategy that I use for interacting with the hotel and requesting upgrades before I stay at a hotel, which gets me an upgrade 90–95% of the time.

Big picture, this is one of the best examples of the “human element” in maximizing your travel – we can talk endlessly about credit cards & points, but when it’s actually time to reap the rewards, it’s often a case of “ask and you shall receive”.

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  1. how would you go about asking for alcohol drink vouchers?

  2. If u r being polite, be polite sincerely. If u r being polite just to get that room upgrade then u r douchebad

  3. pretty good, its almost like an upsell, ask 3 days in advance, ask the night before, ask in the morning before.

  4. Great pointers! I would add that if you‘re booked on a long stay and the staff initially says they don‘t have an upgrade available when you check in, you could offer to switch rooms during your stay to an upgraded room/suite. That‘s how we got a wonderful suite as gold members in the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik.

  5. I hope they will block you for your stupidity! There is no right for any upgrade but at the time of check-in. Wat you do is silly. just making lots of work to the hotels.

  6. This guy’s good👍🏻I like it✈️

  7. Heads up, it looks like users are no longer able to chat with Bonvoy properties in advance of stays after the most recent app update.

  8. My approach is much different. During check in I’m courteous and address the staff by name with a smile. I hand over $100 and say, “I want you to have this because I appreciate you”. Works every time and makes someone’s day.

  9. Great video…… Recently discovered your channel, subscribed and working my way through all your videos. The production and editing on some are amazing.

    Question about this. Before asking for the upgrade you can get based on your status, what room do you initially book? The cheapest one available or one level down from the one you actually want?

  10. Great tips!!! I do exactly the same things but normally by email, but you made a great point about chat being easier and more personal … I will try using chat next time! I also 90-95% of the time get the upgrade that I want and lots of times its a nice suite. I think the key is to research the room types very well and always ask for a specific suite or room. Some of my best upgrades were W Miami, W Bangkok, W Taipei, St Regis New York … all were to gorgeous, huge suites 🙌🏻

  11. Best upgrade, the presidential/royal suite at Westin Tokyo. Room was so huge, had sauna and jacuzzi in it. Dated but still very nice.

  12. Another Final Tip if you didnt get upgraded to the room you request is to push them for a late checkout

  13. Question: do you get the hotel gold status with the supplementary American Express platinum card? Thank you!

  14. When you live in EU, you can’t apply for American Express Hilton card 😒

  15. The Marriot Bonvoy app will not let me chat with the Hotel even though we have a room booked next week

  16. W in Washington DC, when I was gold, I was shocked that I was upgraded to a WOW suite! Also, when I was Platinum, W in Bangkok, upgraded me to a huge suite ( I don’t recall the name, but the bathroom was the size of a room), and because I mentioned I was hungry, sent me a delicious snack on the house. Also, I wanted to purchase the W tote bag and they gave it to me complementary. St Regis, in Rome, upgraded me and that room felt like I was royalty. Sheraton Grand in Dubai was a great suite, as well, with awesome club and incredible buffet breakfast. I am going to be titanium soon this year, for the first time. Thank for the tips, I never thought of requesting. I would just hope for the best.

  17. Thank you very much brother You are the Best !

  18. Do these methods still work if the hotel stay was booked with their respective rewards points?

  19. Whenever we say your preference has been noted, we really take note of it. There is a prompt that the front desk agent sees once we open your reservation. Please don’t get mad whenever we can’t grant your upg request because we really try our best to accommodate our elite members. 😁 I’d love to assist your soon once I get back to the hotel scene!

  20. So can I just say that your strategy is not accurate. First of all hotels do upgrades BASED UPON AVAILABLITY not withhold suites because they do not want to give you a suite. AND for the record your STATUS does not ENTITLE you to an upgrade AGAIN it is based upon availability. Please quit making videos that give inaccurate information regarding member benefits.

  21. Hey there! Loving your channel so far — just found it and I’ve been binge watching.

    So quick question — I’m Ambassador status with Marriott this year (due to work stays), and I was wondering how you go about researching specific hotel suite rooms when planning stays. Like, how do you know the names of specific suites to ask for?

    Also, do you think it’s possible to stake my elite suite upgrade with my annual gift (5 suite night upgrades) in order to get a penthouse? And if so, any particular property you’d recommend trying this at?

    Thanks, and looking forward to seeing more of your vids!

  22. Asked for upgrade, the front desk said Sure, I can do that for you, it will be $XXX more for your stay, is that OK? …………………………

  23. This is super great content my man I'm glad I clicked on this video and defs gonna sub. Hey question though bro, how do you directly chat with the actual hotel you're going to stay at and not just a generic like support person? I have hilton btw, just got surpass card

  24. Bonvoy does not include suite upgrades any longer…

  25. Do you get these hotel statuses with Amex Cobalt as well?

  26. Does it matter how you book your hotels? Do you have a suggested method, or do you simply just used the Marriott app?

  27. Found your channel a couple of months ago, but only saw this video today – just some days after I stayed at one of Marriot's Edition properties.
    Interesting to see your take on this. I reached out by app to organize a birthday surprise (cake) and several reservations for our stay and was blown away to not only get the higher room upgrade, which was already confirmed prior checkin (booked marriot stars rate), but to find myself in an amazing suite.
    Hotel did not know I was planning to propose to my gf on her birthday, but in the end they made our stay even better and rememberable.

    Keep up the good content, like the sober & informative style of yours!

  28. I was a upgraded to a presidential suite at Hilton in Rio de Janeiro as Gold status

  29. Question, Ricky! We're staying in St. John's NL as Gold Elite for our first Bonvoy stay next week, and the hotel we're staying at definitely has suites, but none are available right now for the dates we're staying there, and we booked the highest category regular room anyway because I didn't want to risk not getting a harbour view for our special anniversary, and first vacation anywhere in 18 months. I know we probably wouldn't have gotten a suite upgrade anyway, but with Gold Elite status is there anything worth emailing the hotel about to ask for? Maybe seeing if we can get into Sheraton's Club Lounge while there?

  30. Thank you so much for making this video! I'm a gold Amex Platinum member and I've gotten lucky a couple times. I will definitely utilize your tips going forward. Thank you again!

  31. I got a penthouse once in San Diego Hyatt. I don't know what exactly I said but I had visited the hotel the year before so maybe that helps.

  32. I dont mind waiting for them to clean the room for suite upgrade 😀

  33. It works. Also speaking to a manager on the phone they upgraded me right away and have me a king studio suite at the Hampton inn.

  34. Does asking for a upgrade matter if I only stay for ONE nights or multiple nights. The chances are worse if I stay for multiple nights??

  35. Hi Prince,

    Just wondering what room would you originally book? The lowest one then ask for the upgrade?

  36. I reached out to the Hotel the day before my arrival requesting an upgrade and was informed to reach out to them again upon my arrival in Seattle. I called from the airport and was told the Penthouse was available and I could have it for an addidtional $50 over the cost of my regular room. It made my visit even better!

  37. I asked for an upgrade a couple of times, (with no gold or platinum status in any hotel chain). Always got the answer, yes there is avalible upgrades, Nicer double room will be 40Euro extra per night, suite will be 150 Euros extra per night and we can put it on your checkout bill.
    Then my reply is always "Oh… No thanks."

  38. Thanks for the tips! I stayed at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA and was also polite and made small talk while getting checked in. I felt nervous asking, because I didn't want to come off as "cheap" but I knew I would regret not asking. The woman was really nice and got quiet for a few seconds while she clicked away at her keyboard. Then she says, "I think you'll like this one." When I got to my room, it had amazing views! The room itself wasn't an upgrade but the view was amazing!!! I was above the pool, I had an unobstructed view of downtown LA, and of Century City, and Beverly Hills was in front of me. I was so glad I asked.

  39. Have points, miles, and hotel rewards and you don't seem to figure out how to get the proper dollar value? Ask me I can tell you

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