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How to book the cheapest flights! 😱✈️ Revealed my secret tip #ytshorts

How to book the cheapest flights! 😱✈️ Revealed my secret tip #ytshorts



  1. Yaar yeah kitne owesome hai
    love from Baramulla Kashmir

  2. better just install a new copy of window every time before you book flight or hotel

  3. I am totally agree with you. Also next time I will be traveling with you 🙂

  4. I use this trick….nice to know that you are spreading this genuine suggestions

  5. Airline industry be like: Zor zor se bolke sabko scheme batade😂

  6. Amazing!!!!! We want more 🔥

  7. Your face having some nerves system issue, do some face yoga and be calmful as well peacefull

  8. what about sky scanner? is it good and safe? option

  9. Got 3 tickets to n fro
    DELHI-GENEVA ROME-DELHI in 2019 for just INR 79k, isn't it insane!!!!!!!!

  10. you can't use VPN plugins in Incognito mode right? correct me if I'm wrong

  11. समझ में कुछ नही आया पर सुन के अच्छा लगा

  12. Totally agree with almost all your points except one which is different prices applicable for different location (as it isn't true for all) Most of the international airlines have now started selling the ticket as per POC (Point of commencement) ie, the amount you will pay will be based on the departure city of your 1st outbound
    Good content 👍

  13. One downside of booking flights online is, if you want to change your ticket you’ll have to go through the lengthy and tiresome customer service on call and bear they long wait times and pathetic service.

  14. Ha wo incognito me dalna ata hai or history clear karne janta hu to cookies bhi kar hi lunga or vpn bhi kabhi kabhi use kar leta hu to shayad ye bhi kar hi lunga

  15. how can we book a flight to get a date change for free of cost or less cost. thank you.

  16. I watch p**n so is it like i would get a playboy mansion type flight 🥴


    Airlines do profiling when you are regular with them or regular booking with particular site.

    Flight rates are dynamic but seats are divided into bulk of 9. Each 9 seat seats has different class which customers do not know.

    Early morning or red eye flights are cheaper as airlines try to save on overnight parking charges. That is why Indian airports operate 24X7. Airports abroad are generally closed for midnight.

    Incognito mode does not help all the time. Google still shares cookies no matter what. Don't be under impression that incognito will save.

    Booking ticket one by one will not be in same fare. As IP address is already captured.

  18. Give them all your data for offers…the only business strategy these days

  19. Madam Indian Public Bol Rahe Ho Hindi Bol Deti Kuch Jada Somoj Aatha British Beti

  20. but i am travel agent By booking tickets on such portals, we are not allowed

  21. Which Airlines do dynamic user profiling? I would say most do not.

  22. But once we sign in then also they will know our history. So should we book a flight as a guest? Please answer.

  23. Hey please any girl book indirect ticket of 24 august from delhi to toronto as there is nobody with me. Reply me for my ticket details

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