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How to get a job in Dubai in 2018. Tips and tricks.

How to get a job in Dubai in 2018. Tips and tricks.

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How to save money living in Dubai: https://youtu.be/IEUtA9Ht1cU
How to find a job in Dubai: https://youtu.be/utUa6EtqeoA
TOP 5 in-demand jobs in Dubai. Salary guide 2018: https://youtu.be/WxYbH_rIe8U
Cost of living in Dubai: https://youtu.be/-UoIf2Mf60E
Life for women in Dubai: https://youtu.be/QLMZsM8LIqk
The Dubai Mall & Dubai Aquarium: https://youtu.be/qUw1eWuUmVk
Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi: https://youtu.be/ymfiwvmYwlU
Amazing Dubai Getaway at Riverland. Dubai Parks And Resorts: https://youtu.be/b6fdxV7MH50
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  1. Ksyunechka, good luck to you👏🤑🌹🌷🌹

  2. Nice video. But can I ask if the learning course is linked to the page is for all kinds of job. Cause I'm not so sure….🤐

  3. hi guys it's great stuff by oksy really inspired, also plz do subscribe my channel for all Dubai stuff n jobs in Dubai n it's market status

  4. hi oksy wana collab you for my vlogs in future , great info n stuff indeed in this channel

  5. Hello maam , i saw your post in https://www.onlinejobs.ph/jobseekers/job/206168 , i want to apply as video editor to company, i m good for that skills, I present worked in advertising and Photography company and i have skills specifically for the advertising ,videography and photography, i also know how to work with the Photoshop, , corel draw for graphics , and i know for video editing, and i used Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas and adobe after effects. I've work done many weddings and birthdays, and any events, i will work self-directed and figure things out whenever possible. i want a long term, stable job where i can help you build your business.

  6. i am looking for a job in PRO Or HR Admin job in Dubai. please contact me 0552420529

  7. Good job, inviting yo all to visit my channel as well for many valuble tips and information

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