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how to get an airline upgrade | budget travel tricks

how to get an airline upgrade | budget travel tricks

some of you are asking how to score a FREE first or business class upgrade.
it’s a bit more complicated than just asking.

in this video, i’m uncovering ALL you need to know about…
-why airlines give free upgrades
-how they choose people to upgrade
-things you can do to increase your odds of being upgraded





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  1. I love your videos planning to do uk tour in April can you provide any suggestions

  2. Please dont scare your viewers when they come across your video with one eye closed in the middle of night.

  3. Economy really is not that bad at all…I guess it might be different if your 6 5

  4. Once I got an upgrade to Turkish Airlines' business class on my flight from Istanbul to Jakarta. Was wearing my university hoodie and a pair of jeans, so I wasn't 'dressed up' or anything like that. However, I was traveling alone (and I believe I paid a full price for my trip lol, no discounts there) and one important thing that I believe got me the free upgrade was the fact that I boarded the last. There was a big group of people traveling together so I just kind of waited until they all went (didn't really want to queue with them as they were pretty noisy). I was literally the last one and then they gave me the seat no. 1 on the plane 😀 Such a nice experience.

  5. In 2007 while travelling to the Bahamas from London we got a free upgrade to 1st class because we were on our honeymoon, we didn't even ask for it aswell. It was Virgin Airlines 😀

  6. Do you think being on your honeymoon gives you a better chance??

  7. I have heard multiple flight attendants (as in at least three or more) say that dressing like you belong in Business or First DOES matter. Even if someone is a frequent flyer with that airline, shorts and flipflops probably aren't going to cut it.

  8. Once a flight from frankfurt to delhi, i randomly asked any free upgrades available, and the answer was why not..and i moved from 35c to 5b..

  9. Paying full price helps. A friend was on a flight to Europe that was mostly empty. There were enough seats in first class to move every coach passenger up. And every coach passenger was given a first class seat for the eight hour trip, except one. When someone asked, they were told that the reason the one passenger was left in coach is because she bought her ticket through a discount website.

  10. I have a friend who flies home to Germany a couple times a year. He's almost seven feet tall and can't possibly sit in economy seats without a very painful flight. Somehow, he gets upgraded every time he flies. They feel sorry for him and put him in biz or first. I never get that lucky, I have to use points for upgrades or flight awards when booking better seats.

  11. Flying as a solo female from Manila to Istanbul on Qatar Airways, my seatmate fell asleep with his head on my shoulder on the first leg to Doha. This route gets a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers as passengers and I kinda have a soft spot for them so I didn't want to just wake him up rudely. An FA came and asked if he was with me, I might have smiled at her awkwardly and said no, but it's alright. She woke him up, my seatmate apologized and I said it was fine. Upon exiting, another FA asked if I have a connecting flight and asked to see my ticket. When the desk attendant gave me the upgraded ticket, I asked her why me, she said flight is overbooked but that I must be a frequent flyer but it was my first time flying Qatar. I did join their Priviledge Club and booked the ticket from their site. But ultimately I think I was chosen because I wasn't rude to that guy. So, in short, just be nice.

  12. you are very beautiful 😻

  13. I was flying with CX and that was an awful experience. The person sat right beside me spilled water twice on me. My pants were wet as well as my seat. I asked for switching seat only, but they won’t allow me to change seat with my Ex. I demanded to seat with my Ex because I often have motion sickness. At the end, they even refused to change the cover of my seat and they only offered a white thin towel to cover the soaked wet seat for me. I was so mad for that 14 hours long haul flight. Now I only want to fly business class and hope I get some basic service.

  14. You can build a truly unique garden trellis with some copper pipe.

  15. I was upgraded just before the flight, does not work a day before. However, I am absolutely convinced it all depends on the airline staff. I was upgraded when I just had a bad back, but that was refused , when I was flying in almost critical condition. Long story.

  16. Best way to guarantee an upgrade was to buy an upgraded ticket. That’s what I do and I’ve never flown coach again.

  17. if you have any helpful skills in an emergency, you might get a little help. i used to note when i was checking in that i was a Red Cross first responder and more often than not got a window exit seat( with all that extra legroom), since they were often the last be assigned…

  18. Back before I retired I was a pretty frequent business flyer. I got used to being upgraded and almost expected it. After retirement my status dwindled away. However I had gotten so used to first and business that I'd rather not travel than fly in economy.
    So now I just pay for 1st or business class.

  19. I booked premium economy from London to Las Vegas. Asked the desk agent if there were any free upgrades. She said no. I said it's never happened to me before but one day I might get that magical free upgrade and we both laughed. I said thanks and left the desk. When I got to the gate, the agent put my ticket in the machine as I was boarding then it came out and she tore it in half and then printed me a new ticket. Business-class. SCORE! That was a very nice trip in a flatbed seat with a duvet. It's never happened since. But I ask every single time.

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