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How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring | Tips & Tricks

How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring | Tips & Tricks

This video is sponsored by The Home Depot

Full Blog Post: https://rogueengineer.com/how-to-install-vinyl-plank-flooring/

Lifeproof LVP Flooring – Sterling Oak: https://homedepot.sjv.io/xvq13
Flooring Installation Kit: https://homedepot.sjv.io/KGYVe
T-Molding: https://homedepot.sjv.io/g7e9v

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  1. I'm dead when the little girl hits her dad's hand ☠😂😂

  2. Was a nightmare for me in a small bedroom today. Smh

  3. Um why didn’t he put down plastic for moisture? That looks like bare concrete

  4. Can you tell me how many boxes you used to complete this job?

  5. So I have a treadmill in the same room off to the side like your air hockey table is, but not on mover's dollies. When you finished, did you set it down directly on top of the planks, without any buckling?

  6. Nice to see the whole family helping out.

  7. how does one plan the layout. Is there a computer program or graph paper?

  8. nice job.. and his wife had beautiful feet..

  9. OMG dude, that's the size of your basement. 👀

  10. I get it about wanting the t modeling transition being evenly spaced under the door so that it’s not favoring one side or the other from room to room however when looking at your video and how you put the metal track, you forgot to leave expansion gap there, the same expansion gap that is required around all the walls is also required for any transitions or pipes or beams or vents etc. you may run into a buckling issue if the floor decides to expand in that direction. I always make the space from floor to floor 1-1/8” because this allows for 1/4” expansion gap on either side of the track and the t molding still covers it fine and never run into issues with buckling or expansion issues. Everything else with install I agree 1000% on and I love how the whole family got involved with the install. I’m a little jealous and wish my wife and kids were more hands on with the renovation stuff and give us a chance to all bond instead of “Wow Dad! It looks amazing and you did a great job.” I already know what I’m capable of so although it is gratifying hearing their compliments, I would much rather we all be involved and it be a family thing. Cheers 🍻 brotha

  11. What kind of blade do you use to score the plank?

  12. Do you need like a moisture barrier under the floor in cold areas of the United States? Thanks in advance

  13. Thanks for making this look easy. I have a door way needing a transitional piece however the tile will sit 1/2 inch higher then the flooring I’m installing. Do u happen to know where I can buy a t mold that will drop down from the tile to the flooring i tried Home Depot sometimes they can be a bit generic and they didn’t have what I needed. Thanks john

  14. Hello, is this more gray, or beige? I honestly cannot tell, even after watching so many videos.

  15. This is the best video Ive seen so far on laying this flooring. Thank you for making it make sense!

  16. Very cool and beautiful doggie!!
    Nice HDLP flooring. 🔨

  17. The family dog is like, “He, he, he, can’t wait to test that wear layer!” 😝

  18. You are a seriously patient man doing this with young kids running around! But, nice job.

  19. Could u explain why u don't use moisture barrier.. some people say u need one .. some say u dont..since planks already have an underlayment attachment

  20. After some significant frustration getting the flooring to go together, watching this video provided by far the best, clearest information of all the online videos I watched. Highly recommend watching this before starting and also be sure you pay attention to which edge you start against the wall. The long tongue with the open face up faces you and the short one faces the wall. All the best – JW

  21. Once board is clicked in can it slide left to right on the hinge? I have a 58.5" square bath using Lifeproof 59.4" length so I was hoping to cut about one inch from each board and have no seams in middle of floor. The only obstacle is a perpendicular hot water baseboard in middle of wall . The pipe and Base Board frame may be an obstacle getting an angle to click in under the heater especially using one long length, so my question is ,if I did a 8 inch piece before in near middle of room and locked it to previous row can it slide under the Baseboard and pipe after locked in about 4 inches then continue row?

  22. LVP AND laminate floors are all garbage nothing like hardwood or tile.

  23. Great video. You do need to allow proper expansion for the flooring up against that metal channel for the t mold though. If you have a buckling claim it will be declined when that is discovered. Need that 1/4". That's of course why the molding is so wide to allow for that.

  24. i love this video loved the way you explained how to lay the floor

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