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How to succeed in your application? Tips & tricks from L'Oréal recruiters

How to succeed in your application? Tips & tricks from L'Oréal recruiters

Lise, Yue, Alexandr, and Arthur have great tips and tricks to share with all student and graduate candidates today. Any other questions uncovered? Share in the comments and we will reply 🙂
👉Click here to apply: https://careers.loreal.com/?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Career&utm_campaign=Tipsandtricks

📍00:00 Tips to succeed in your application
📍00:20 From CV to the final interview: how long does it take?
📍00:54 Resume: the most common mistake to avoid
📍02:11 Professional experiences: what to highlight?
📍02:52 Do you need experience or passion in beauty to apply?
📍03:35 HR interview: the most common mistake to avoid
📍04:50 What is the interview dress code?
📍05:34 What to know about L’Oréal before an interview?
📍05:51 What question could you ask during an interview?
📍07:39 What skills or mindsets are expected?
📍09:07 How to best prepare for the business interview?
📍09:21 HR vs Business interview: what’s the difference?
📍10:25 What to do if you don’t have the answer to a question?
📍10:36 Last thing to remember
📍11:05 Why is starting at L’Oréal an amazing opportunity?

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  1. I am an Indian…….i like when a man helps a girl …. i was seeing it ad before some day .. i say and i will say always time that your work is awesome..and helpful..😍😍😍😍

  2. The more I research the more excited I am to apply lol

  3. So informative! Currently taking the cognitive test & hoping to hear back soon 😍

  4. Has anyone done the CM1 certified Marketing test from General Assembly? What was your score? What is a good score to be able to get accept at L'oreal?

  5. what course should I do to get job in loreal

    pls reply me i want to know please

  6. i'm really happy to find this videos and i hope to get internship at loreal😍

  7. I'll never use L'Oreal product again and I used them all and I've thrown them out from hair color to foundation they're gone.

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