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How To travel in UAE | Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Bus (using the NOL card)

How To travel in UAE | Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Bus (using the NOL card)

How To travel in the UAE | Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Bus(using the NOL card)

It may not be the most eventful day, but we wanted to make sure and document how to travel around the UAE and what the easiest (and cheapest) options are! Today, we challenged ourselves to figure out how to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by bus, and not just any tourist bus, but PUBLIC TRANSIT using our NOL (Metro) card! There were little forums online on how to do this, so we thought it might be helpful for anyone who wants to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to see exactly how to do it!

Once we arrived in Abu Dhabi, step two to the journey was to figure out public transit to our hotel. But, there really isn’t any good public transit in Abu Dhabi, so taxi it is! We realized at 5:15pm that we hadn’t eaten yet, so we pretty much ran to the closest (and cheapest) place to eat near the hotel. Cheap might be a relative word because it really wasn’t cheap, but then again, not much in Abu Dhabi is!

We are SO excited to start our Abu Dhabi videos. We have 2 more coming out and we had no idea how much we would LOVE this city. Abu Dhabi is truly remarkable and we are excited to bring you with us!

Thank you for watching!

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  1. Making connections is always the hardest part of travel and you made it easy and understandable

  2. Loved how informative this video was but it’s also nice to see the work you do to get from place to place. You must spend a lot of time googling how to get around and what to see, eat, and do in all these places. I know I get overwhelmed googling for a vacation, can’t imagine doing it all the time. Do you have any favorite sites you regularly use?

  3. That sunset in the middle of this video is really freaking pretty!

  4. Thank you for your help !! I will use my NOL card to go to Abu Dhabi 😀

  5. I like u r vdo so much …because most of the travel vlog are solo….u both explaining nicely …me also searching to see couple travel vlog & which is very helpful to us ..as a safety & other way …thanks …keep travelling ..

  6. Thanks for the video. I’m
    Going this December how is weather?

  7. Just came across your channel and myself and wife instantly warmed to you both . Safe travels and best wishes to you from U.K. 🇬🇧 subscribed now 👍

  8. When did you go? I don't understand very well so which card should I buy in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi, could I paid it with credit card?🤔

  9. Great video, love to travel as well, keep up the good work 😃😃😃

  10. Sir can u tell me ,how much it cost for Dubai to abu Dhabi in bus

  11. Nice vid! I'm going to Dubai in a matter of weeks, hope COVID didn't affect the bus schedules and all that too much

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