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I CAUGHT Scammers Preying on Tourists in Dubai! (Herbal Hair Loss Scam)

I CAUGHT Scammers Preying on Tourists in Dubai! (Herbal Hair Loss Scam)

There’s a lot of street scammers in Dubai, especially in the touristy Bur Dubai and Souk areas! They approach you on the street and promise to cure your hair loss or weight issues, but it’s all a scam.

They take you on a shopping tour of multiple stores. The first store is legitimate and you buy a cheap item. Then they take you to 1 or 2 other stores where they, and the store owner, try to sell you grossly overpriced spices for the “hair loss formula.” They’ll try to charge you up to 3000 Dirhams ($800) for their magic cure. Many tourists pay these crazy amounts just to get out of the store.

If you want some real herbal ayurvedic hair loss advice, see “Try Ayurveda for hair loss” https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/beauty/try-ayurveda-for-hair-loss/articleshow/10453366.cms. You can find many such formulas online and make them yourself, or buy readymade from an Indian store.

This miracle cure scam and many others are all across Meena Bazaar. There are people selling fake watches, overpriced dates, low-quality Indian clothing, and counterfeit sunglasses that they will tell you are real. Meena Bazaar, Bur Dubai, Deira, Gold Souk, Grand Souk, Spice Souk, and Utensil Souk are a hub for scammers. Do not trust anyone on the street in Dubai! Shop at reputable stores and not back alley stores.

“A man who works at a shop in Mina Bazaar said he has seen the touts approaching potential victims. “It’s disgraceful how these hawks prey on people’s insecurities. They are master manipulators. It’s a con ring involving the people on street. If I hear people asking for these shops, I warn them it’s a scam,” the man added.

“The shops have legitimate businesses licences and products. But they also sell dud stuff that doesn’t work,” he added.”” – Victims warn of hair-loss ‘cures’ offered by street touts https://gulfnews.com/going-out/society/victims-warn-of-hair-loss-cures-offered-by-street-touts-1.1697435

“Gulf News spoke to Dubai Police about the issue and they said that if a customer feels he or she is annoyed or harassed by the shopkeepers then they can call the police command room on 901 or go to the nearest police station to register a complaint.”

“Vendors in Bur Dubai promise ‘cure’ to hair loss, weight issues” https://gulfnews.com/uae/vendors-in-bur-dubai-promise-cure-to-hair-loss-weight-issues-1.65946041

“Fraudsters preying on bald, pot-bellied and middle-aged men” https://www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/fraudsters-preying-on-bald-pot-bellied-and-middle-aged-men-2013-08-30-1.519286


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  1. 🔞 The next Dubai scam vlog is age-restricted, so YouTube won't promote it. Here's the link "Calling Dubai's Famous "Massage" Cards… What Happens? दुबई के प्रसिद्ध "मसाज" पार्लरों को कॉल किया …देखिए क्या हुआ" https://youtu.be/zTyHOa5rrgI

  2. Love everything you do Karl it's awesome to watch you expose these scum bags. One love from Seattle man. You're one of my Top 5 Favorite YouTubers for sure.🔥

  3. funny how everyone thinks white people are prejudice but looking at your videos it seems every indian asks where your from and doesnt believe you and 3/4ths of them want your money. seems as if the brownies are the racists/prejudice, im both indian and white FYI and its nice to see the place before i go there. I probably wont be as harrased as you but i have light skin.

  4. Indian scammers are everywhere

  5. There's no place on earth without these parasites

  6. Blackseed oil actually does help with hair loss so does a 1000 other herbs. Herbalism is like before the iron age. Modern medicine is the way herbalism don't be working and there so not much research on it

  7. Thanks for sharing. Good to know. Will avoid these scammers. FFS…can't they just get a bloody JOB like every normal human being!!!

  8. Karl i think you also don't trust your mother. I m Pakistani but I support Indians. Why u don't make scam videos of your country. How many videos of scamming of your country? Your r doing all this because to viral your videos and earn money. You are also scammer.

  9. unfortunately, people selling blackseed oil aren't necessarily scammers in muslim countries.

    Any muslim knows the hadith that says blackseed are a cure for every sickness except death.

    If you look at studies done on nigella sativa, peer reviewed ones…you will see it has many benefits.

    they might prey on your insecurity but it's based on a saying and not necessarily a scam.

  10. We were in Dubai last month, and we faced the same comments by random people. Hey you’re facing hair loss etc. We kept walking! 🧐🧐🧐 Thanks for showing the internal process of this irritating scam.

  11. Black seed oil is actually great for hair.. 🙄

  12. Exposing scam, while promoting your own ayurvedic remedy? Wow.

  13. It happened to me a few days back when I was walking from sharaf dg to temple. He said the same black seed and blah blah will go buy some of the stuff nearby shop and that's where my indian instinct kicked in and I said thank you bhaiya bye bye 👋

  14. Black seed oil definitely has its benefits but it definitely not worth thsese ripoff prices hahaha

  15. One guy came to me also while i was in Bur Dubai Al Fahidi.

  16. How stupid you are ,,is not problem if tourist spenden 5 $,that way ,stupid man,,get lost

  17. dude you're so brave, ive been planning to do thid kind of content here in Dubai but i'm afraid that im going to be in trouble.

  18. Hahaha
    Almost Happened with us twice.
    Second time, the guy selling oil was himself bald!!

  19. Got scammed the same way 🤦🏻‍♂️
    The irony bieng i hav full hair on my head😂

  20. Came across this scammer today, he was successful in making me buy black seed powder luckily got away with 25 Dhs

  21. Dubai looks so dirty. I was told it's extremely clean etc.

  22. i have been scammed by these people exactly the same way. bought the oil..came back home to realise that its a scam.and jerked off with it. now i have hair🤣

  23. I was scammed in the same way, my cousin from UK fell for the same trap, he was scammed 780dirhams, I was scammed 120 dirhams, my scam was hair loss and my cousin was scammed for skin pimple removal,
    The sad part is that they say bismillah and use God's name while scamming,
    That's the side of Dubai the king doesn't want you to know

  24. Many scammers at Bur Dubai, they will trap you saying apply something which makes your hair black… And take you to herbal shop, one pinch 50 AED and buy 25 pinches… 2500 AED.. someone has to report them and CID will catch

  25. If you fall for this scam you kinda deserve it lol

  26. When a scammer approached me ,I told him I seek a herbal oil to increase once certain part of my body,he winked at me and guided me to a herbal shop and then I revealed the body part finally after almost 15 minutes .

    It seems he is still try to recover from that incident.

    The body part which I wanted to enlarge was my( Ear).

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