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I DMd 100 Dubai Hotels Asking to Stay for Free

I DMd 100 Dubai Hotels Asking to Stay for Free

I asked 100 hotels in Dubai if I could stay for free. It worked.

CHECK OUT THE DUSITD2 HOTEL (this was my favorite) https://www.instagram.com/dusitd2dubai/

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  1. Thanks for the love and support on this video, everyone! It's good to be back! Check out my channel for some more recent uploads 🙂

  2. I stay at the second
    hotel in Dubai, and they were really nice, and the hotel was very clean!

  3. I definitely know where I’m staying when I visit Dubai. Thank you Luke

  4. Like this content a lot. Very genuine feel to the content as opposed to the feel of an influencer showing off

  5. HOLY COW I mean GOLLY the second hotel was mind boggling. BLESSINGS!

  6. With over 2.2 million followers you can get free stays in any hotel in the world!

  7. Yo I just found you from "I Used to make 6-Figures but Now I'm Broke" never saw you before I don't think and I am loving this new style of content. Your level of content creation is what I aspire to be!

  8. The ending was giving me Home Alone film vibes hahaha.

  9. Great video but a hotel that has cockroaches… IN DUBAI?!?! Like, what!!

  10. This makes me miss travel abroad so much. I miss the people so much in that region of the world.

  11. Dusit D2 is just next to my apartment😂

  12. I watched your video about your parents living in Iraq (really cool). I decided to watch a couple of your other videos. This one was entertaining. I am now a subscriber. The road you are heading for your channel will be awesome! Can't wait to see all the places you go to and people you meet. Travel safe.

  13. hey i really appreciate how you handled the first hotel situation. You were polite and true to yourself. Something i can really learn.

  14. this is wild. i sub'd to you

  15. that full grown man sitting with you for lunch lol

  16. Weird ending ????

  17. Refreshing take on influencer life there and kudos to the lovely Thai Hospitality brand, Dusit!

  18. I fell like shout outting 2 great hotels was bad the rest is good

  19. You have HOW MANY subscribers ? Of COURSE they'll let you stay for free! 😄

  20. Cool show, man!

    That's an international chain. 💪 Dusit D 2. They have one in Chiang Mai and I told the girls behind the counter that the name of the hotel means Doost Daram too. Sounds like, "dooset daram" friend I like…used as I love you in Persian. They all looked stunned at my seemingly privileged knowledge before I looked at a few rooms. I already lived in the province at a condo…I saw two of the girls later and as they walked by they both laughed and turned red. Shaking their heads no. 😄

  21. You could probably get a free room to wherever city you go to. I had friends who were travel bloggers not vloggers.. this was way before influencer was a word that isn’t half as famous as you are and they got free rooms in good hotels, as long as they mention and feature the hotels in their blogs

  22. we want another one like this, Loved it!!

  23. I have watched this video twice now, amazing amazing!

  24. ? Why u didn't go 2 expo2020?

    It's amazing 😨🤔🤕👁️

  25. I really liked the staff of DusitD2, seemed like great service… will keep it in mind when I go to Dubai next time

  26. Wow!! Truly Incredible. The first hotel is truly disgusting. But the second Hotel was so great and looked so kind.

  27. You remind me of the movie Home Alone on this Clip. 😂

  28. Your videos are addictive. I like how you story tell. Keep it up!

  29. Imagine getting a free hotel and just bitching ab it the entire time

  30. lol. just because your a youtuber doesnt mean your entitled to get sh*t for free. pay for your sht.. bruh

  31. This is why people hate influencers. They expect free shit because they have a social media following

  32. Boy I live there and I’m rich so you’re kind of right we love to make other people jealous no but not me who am I even kidding to I love to make people jealous specially when I was like nine years old are used to like bring the most expensive phone to my school and even my iPad I was like hey look guys look what I got other like wait what you’re just showing off and I’m like yeah I guess so I’m showing off😂

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