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I Stayed in World's Only 7 Star Hotel (Burj Al Arab)

I Stayed in World's Only 7 Star Hotel (Burj Al Arab)

I Stayed in the World’s Most Expensive Luxurious Hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The only 7 Star Hotel in the World
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  1. I would like to point out my friend Adam isn’t actually my assistant, he’s a great friend of mine and its just a joke we have between us but I was quite rude to him in the video and apologise for this, sorry Adam 😔

  2. What a sad existence for anyone who is rich enough to be able to afford this.

  3. Me:how can anyone be super rich and be a youtuber at the same time?

    Ben: what?

    This guy us soooo humble….i feel so rich watching!

  4. How much is the room rate per night ? What is the area of the room in square meters ? Do you stay there at your own expense or got it for free ? Nice video 👍👍👍

  5. If I were the hotel managers, I would kick these two idiots out of the hotel right away.

  6. Here I am staying at a 3 star hotel thinking its nice 🤣

  7. With a scouser on tow…watch your hub cabs ..how this bunch of scallies got into a seven start hotel is a mystery.All of them on the rob i guess

  8. This hotel is such a waste. They've wasted so much gold. There is so much wastage on this planet.
    Nice video though.
    Don't be so mean to your assistant.

  9. Rich people have so much extra money that they just throw away. They waste their money.

  10. so how much did it all cost?? all I know is that a cocktail cost £22 and a pizza £169

  11. My crazy thought, am kinda broke so i was wondering if I subscribe will you guys offer me $500 , big help big fun.. ✌🏻😁🌼

  12. rating agency can rate only 5 stars, so the claim that this is the only 7 star hotel is stupid, and illogical

  13. I was actually expecting it to be more!

  14. How about a video of the burj al arab workers? I just want to see how they are treated! Please

  15. The amount of sellout to give u money in this video is INSANELY CRINGE !

  16. Whats the point of having so much gold everywhere

  17. I subscribed just to get you off the "666" subscribers.
    You're welcome.

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