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In Barcelona, ​​Morales reaffirmed Jujuy’s leadership in clean energy production

In Barcelona, ​​Morales reaffirmed Jujuy’s leadership in clean energy production

“The role of solar energy, illuminating green hydrogen”, is the title of the exhibition developed by the Governor of the Province at the Global Assembly and Exhibition of Green Hydrogen 2022 that takes place in Barcelona.

Gerardo Morales participates in the Global Assembly and Exhibition of Green Hydrogen 2022, which is being held in Barcelona, ​​in which a round table will be held to define a roadmap to start the transition to solar green hydrogen, addressing technical, financial and regulatory aspects , while applications with high added value and long-term commitment from buyers will be considered, among other topics of great interest arising from the development of clean energy.The Governor of the Province presented Jujuy’s experience in the solar energy market through the Cauchari photovoltaic complex that generates 300 MW, also projecting its impact on the new productive and energy matrix of Jujuy from its future expansion to 500 MW. Morales’ participation was included in the qualified panel called “The role of solar energy, illuminating green hydrogen”, moderated by Belén Linares, director of Innovation of the Acciona Group, who shared with Ajay Marthur, general director of ISA, Bas Dekker and CEO of Soto Solar; Mathieu Geze, from HDF Energy, Pryantha Wijayanttunga and head of the Energy Sector of the Asian Development Bank; and Thierry Lepercq, executive director of HyDeal Spain. The Minister of Productive Development of the Nation, Matías Kulfas; and the governor of Río Negro, Arabella Carreras.

It should be noted that the Global Assembly and Exhibition of Green Hydrogen 2022 is organized by the Green Hydrogen Organization and has the co-sponsorship of the Vice President of the Spanish Government and Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera; and the president of the Green Hydrogen Organization and former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Morales weighed “the vision of experts” from around the world who “agree on the need to promote the generation of hydrogen from renewable energies.”

He emphasized that it is “clear that this challenge will require a global plan for the development of renewable energy” that is strengthened by “coordination at the international level” and that “includes legislation that gives legal certainty to projects, promotion, tax incentives and public and private financing.

On the other hand, he highlighted the “enormous potential that Argentina and Jujuy have to produce solar and wind energy” quality that “lowers the cost of green hydrogen” and that, in addition to having renewable sources of electricity, “constitute the basis for a new economy based on green hydrogen”, said the president of Jujuy.

In addition, he explained in detail the project to generate 1,000 MW of clean electricity, with a planned growth of 7,000 MW in different stages, and 400,000 tons of green hydrogen in an area of ​​10,000 hectares reserved in the Puna of Jujuy. “It is a low-cost, high-impact project for the productive matrix of Jujuy and Argentina,” he pointed out.

In reference to the transport and commercialization of green hydrogen, he specified that “the possibility of using the Norandino and Atacama gas pipelines is contemplated, which would allow export via Antofagasta (Chile) through the Pacific” and added that “the alternative of bottling and commercializing through the ports of Rosario and Buenos Aires.

“As soon as we have the corresponding executive project, expected in approximately four months, we will go out to look for investors around the world,” he remarked.

He went on to point out that “not only must we have a national plan for the development of green hydrogen, but also a global plan to transform the energy generation matrix” and finally stressed that “this is what is coming and we must act immediately ”.

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