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  1. We tried to cover as much as possible from both the Pavilions. If you liked the video please subscribe our channel, hit the "like" button and share the video with your friends and family.

  2. 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳Pakistan india ka log bht acha hain sirf awam

  3. Pakistan ne Hinduism ke bare me kafi dikhaya isliye to 24% se 1•5% rah gye!

  4. I m an indian but must say pakistan's pavillion was little better. But yeah india too 🔥🇮🇳

  5. Both of them are good… Love to Pakistan🇵🇰🇵🇰 from india🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. He says that 1000 of year ago about pink salt but bhai 1000 years pahle to Pakistan tha hi nhi 😂😂😂😂 lol.

  7. Pakistani Pavillion close tô nature and histórical values. Indian Pavillion showing future.

  8. To be honest, Pakistani pavilion is far better than Indian. What you elaborated in your verbal views about India pavilion, you are unable to show in video.

  9. Pakistan expressed everything so perfectly so proud of their efforts 😍

  10. Plz be fair. Pakistani pavilion was much much better than indian. It was more modern, colorful and innovative. Indian pavilion was just like a museum.

  11. Dono best hai but indian was more like a shopping mall

  12. Both pavilion are good. people of both side are good., waiting for good relationship with our govt. specially from indian govt (modi)

  13. pakistan is on 4th and cross indias and USA pavilions its enough ! but indias is also great

  14. میرے خیال دونوں مقامات اچھے ہیں لیکن انڈیا کی ایک خیال مجھے اچھا نہیں لگا وہ یہ کہ گراؤنڈ فلور میں انہوں نے جو مزائل فائٹر طیارے نسب کئے ہیں اِس سے ہمارے اور ان کے آنے والے نسلوں کے زہنوں پر بہت بُرا اثر کرسکتاہے ویسے تو اگر پاکستان کرتا تو تو پاکستان کی جانب سے انڈیا کے تباہ ہونے والے سارے فائٹرز طیارے ابی نندن اور ابی نندن کی فانٹاسٹک چائے وغیرہ سب کچھ پویلئن میں نسب کرسکتے تھے مگر ہم نے ایسا نہیں کیا کیونکہ ہم دونوں دیشوں کو اب ایک چینج کی ضرورت ہے ۔

  15. Indian culture tou bht ziada hay Pakistan se like wahan to bht se cheezein h dikhany ko bht he ziada but i don’t kuch bhe samj nh aya isme srf modi he nazar araha hy or kia jabke bht ziada krskty thy ise acha or baher se building ka design dea h jesy kisi bank m jarahy hyn mne to bht ziada expect kia tha k itna full of culture country h indian but anyways 5/10

  16. India ka samna Pakistan pavalian fika ha

  17. Pakistan pavilion i also visted superb
    India pavilion show modi modi

  18. When we went to espo there was a long queue for Indian pavilion so we missed it thank you for showing us as a business prospect India did great job to showcase the best they have to attract investors 👏🏼 but they failed to show the creative n rich cultural side of India. And Pakistan no doubt so beautiful from inside out I really appreciate the designer who create this master Piece 👏🏼 but unfortunately Pakistan pavilion failed to showcase so many industries n things which can attract investors like precious n semi precious Gemstones ,Pakistan is producing n Exporting so many things of sports but they didn't showcase .

  19. God dammmn India's pavilion is so creative, futuristic and next level .
    God well done 🇮🇳
    Wish pakistan to invest more in and IT, technology.

  20. Even if u r an indian u gotta admit the exterior of pakistani pavallion was way better n infact one of the best

  21. Both pak and india pavillion quite unique then the rest of the world

  22. I thought lulu group was own by Dubai billionaires but realised that nah…..it is based in Dubai but owner is indian 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lot's of love to Dubai,and pakistan

  23. Wow ji, both the pavilions look fabulous 🇵🇰🇮🇳 Jai hind

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