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Inside Burj Al Arab Dubai Glimpse Into The Iconic Hotel’s Exclusive 90 Minute Tour | Curly Tales UAE

Inside Burj Al Arab Dubai Glimpse Into The Iconic Hotel’s Exclusive 90 Minute Tour | Curly Tales UAE

You might have heard and read a LOT about the Burj Al Arab, but have you ever had a tour of the iconic hotel? Not really right?
Well, you now have a chance to get a sneak peek into the ultra-luxurious landmark. Jumeirah Group has announced the launch of ‘Inside Burj Al Arab’, a new hotel tour that allows UAE residents and tourists to discover the most prestigious spaces of the luxurious hotel through a uniquely immersive experience. How cool is that! Read on to find out what you can expect in this one-of-a-kind tour!

00:00 – Knock Knock!
00:21 – Welcome to the Burj Al Arab
01:09 – The Instagram Spot!
01:31 – Let’s Go Inside
02:36 – Panoramic Elevator
02:51 – The Royal Suite
04:49 – For The Queen!
05:41 – The Master Bedroom
06:31 – The Experience Suite
06:51 – The Lounge
07:24 – Don’t miss BTS!

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  1. It looks better from the outside tbh.. too much gold and too flashy…

  2. kamiya thanku truly awasome god blessings dubi is great i love dubi

  3. मोहम्मद नबि का है बूरज अरब,👳

  4. Thanks for sharing this video, we cld see the hotel without paying 399 dhs. Vld love to visit the hotel soon.

  5. It's Persian gulf actually 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼❤️❤️❤️🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  6. I also visit Burj Al alarab in 2016

  7. Total rip off with bright colors to look expensive but not worth 25 k per night.

  8. All gadgets and luxury is rip off money. I will rather go to scenic nature mountains of Austria and Switzerland. Nature beauty.

  9. I want to interest about visit one time.. How much money spend for visit ticket.. Tell me mam

  10. The rooms were full of red.I didn't like the color s.

  11. At 26TH April I am going to Burj Al Arab I Think so I will really enjoy there!!!!!!

  12. she wore same as Burj Al Arab …

  13. I have been to Dubai but never went inside this hotel. Frankly the decor is too overwhelming, colours are too loud and busy and not much natural light. I would feel claustrophobic. I did not miss much. thank your Curly Tales for the showing. stay connected

  14. Do vlog. But please don't show your face. It's very scary 🤣🤣🤣

  15. lovely but what to do all the royal luxury turned into a museum kind of now.

  16. This gives me inspiration to study as hell and get into IIT so that I can also live a royal life like this 😎 thank you Kamiya Jani 🙂

  17. 18 lakh one night
    It's joke 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Carl che amico a Siniscola rientrerà da Bergamo e ancora viva così i moredu Carl che riportava a Flavia tutto come mulino staff sport e da lode Agnese de comune peleo ricomincia la palestra figlio laureato sogno di mio figlio di deve averare così Michelina la palestra quota Ida dove sarà di nuovo Carl presentato a loro o presi o poste che facevano palestra Cellina o fratello palestra c'è anche figlio Pina pulizie come faceva a sapere del camion se non detto da chi e collegata a tanti nipoti e di nuovo quella assasine poi riportava a uomini Nuoro e a lode o ristorante Giulia cuoco

  19. 5:35 👎 i just went straight to find another Youtuber and disliked yours

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