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Inside Dubai airport’s new Covid-19 testing laboratory for passengers

Inside Dubai airport’s new Covid-19 testing laboratory for passengers

Located close to Terminal 2, the laboratory is a dedicated facility for round the clock processing of PCR test samples collected from passengers at DXB.



  1. When I don‘t have a direct flight from Sofia to Karachi, Pakistan but have a negative PCR-test: do I have to do another one on arrival at Dubai International Airport?!



  2. Hello. Is this test just for passengers arriving into Dubai or exiting as well? I've been having difficulty searching for where to get a PCR Covid test so that I can fly back to the US from Dubai. Thanks in advance!

  3. What is fees of PCR test and how much time taken for result

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  5. I am traelling to Canada thru Dubai, as per new rules covid test has to be taken from Dubai. But I have only 1 hour layover time at Dubai. Is it possible to do PCR test and board the flight to Canada within 1 hour?

  6. exiting as well. even if you bring a negative test before you fly out and they force you to mandtory sh**y rapidtest and if the result by mistake positive THEY WONT LET YOU FLY NEXT 7 DAYS NOR THEY WILL TEST YOU AGAIN.FCKN DICTATORSHIP.POS KING' AND HIS TOYLAND CALLED UAE HOLDING PEOPLE HOSTAGE DESPITE NO SYMTOMPS AND NEGATIVE TEST IN THEIR HAND.REALLY POS LAND CALLED DUBAI AIRPORT STAY AWAY!!

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