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iPhone 12 / Pro / Max: Tips & Tricks you must know!

iPhone 12 / Pro / Max: Tips & Tricks you must know!

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[00:00] Intro
[00:34] Tip #1: Quick-start the Camera
[00:55] Tip #2: Spotlight Search secrets
[01:52] Tip #3: Quick-record Short Video
[02:12] Tip #4: Use standard formats like JPEG
[02:46] Tip #5: Quickly change camera settings
[03:16] Tip #6: Optimize Control Center
[04:06] Tip #7: How to take a full-page screenshot
[04:56] Tip #8: Get Better Battery Life
[05:49] Tip #9: Dark Mode for articles in Safari!
[06:08] Tip #10: Siri Voice Accents!
[06:26] Tip #11: Learn the AR Measure app
[06:48] Tip #12: Typing and corrections
[07:23] Tip #13: How to undo and redo typing
[07:42] Tip #14: Put an end to SPAM calls
[07:56] Tip #15: Master the Files app
[08:16] Tip #16: Get full info about a photo
[08:36] Tip #17: How to Archive files for sharing
[09:05] Tip #18: How to Hide photos
[09:29] Tip #19: Check up your Battery Health
[09:58] Tip #20: Preserve your battery long-term

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  7. Can you do a video with in built projector on iPhone 12 Pro Max ?

  8. How come when I switched from android to Apple I can’t watch live videos on tiktok anymore

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  17. fullscreen shot capture does not work on my 12 pro max🥺🥺

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