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Is Dubai open for tourists?

Is Dubai open for tourists?

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  1. Finally Osky you post a vid!! Looking forward for the craziness of mask wearing to be over. Thank you so much for your information. Going to Dubai in a couple of months. Love you Osky 💕.

  2. Unfortunately my flight was cancelled to Dubai due to England being on lockdown once again. Sucks,

  3. Good information.. Is it same process for visit visa too? Could you tell about there job vacancy after January ?!

  4. Oksy!!! Love your videos!! Big fan from Sydney 🙂

  5. I am planning on moving to dubai with my husband and son. But we want to wait until the situation has changed for the better. I really enjoy all your videos and i am watching them to look forward to dubai😍

  6. Thank you. This video is useful. Also do you have any idea of Abu Dhabi and Oman? If yes please made a video on that as well

  7. Hi Oksy! Can you do a video on how the current situation has effected expat recruitment. Do you think companies are still willing to bring expats into Dubai or are they focusing more on recruiting people already living in the UAE?

  8. Hello dear , I want to travel only 14 days as tourist, but I have 90 day visa actually I need to make 30 day tourist visa but I made 90 day from my travel agent will they accept me in immigration as I will stay only 14 days but visa is 90 day.

  9. Hi, can you still use cash in Dubai or all contacltess payments?

  10. Thank you Oksy for the informative video. How about the job scenario now there. Are they recruiting more foreigners currently.

  11. Hi oksay, how to get UAE vissa. Please explain

  12. I cant go there without any insurance??? Hi from South Korea ^^

  13. Thank you beautiful❤
    I am coming to Dubai on March,
    I hope until then, everything will be alright.
    Much love from Israel❤🌹❤

  14. Oksy. You. Have. The. Sweetest. Disposition. On. The. Internet.. I. Hope. Your. Husband. Really. Really. Loves. You.. You. Are. So. Precious.

  15. Thank you so much i am french and i always come to dubai but since one years with pandemic i can’t come and now i see your video i decide to
    Come on 22 december thanks for all information 😊👍🏼. I am so sad partying it s not possible
    Because i like barasti for exemple

  16. Hi there, do I need to do my test 96 hours before departure or arrival?

  17. Hello , Very helpful video . I am visiting Dubai at end of December for a week . Can you please advise if I can take a test on arrival at Dubai airport ? Or do I need to have test taken prior to arrival ? If I take test at Dubai airport how much does it cost and how quickly I can get results. Many Thanks.

  18. Hi! I am planning to go next month, the only thing I am missing is the company insurance that covers COVID-19? Do you know about one?

  19. Hi I've few questions in mind as I'm traveling in group from India on 12th Feb, 2021

    – How safe it will be to travel now ?
    – If anyone test positive on arrival then what next ?
    – If anyone in the group test positive should the whole group need to suffer ?

    Thanks In Advance

  20. Hi thanks for the information. Best recruiting agents .in Dubai for housekeeping and waiters. Where the employer pays for accommodation. From Kenya

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