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It’s raining in the land of the sun… What to do? – Monaco Top Voyages

It’s not that you’re in a country of the Sun that the rain is not at the rendezvous? On the contrary, in certain regions of the world, summer often rhymes with rain. So what to do when she invites herself during your vacation? Find ideas for activities to do at this time here.

Indoor fun

Admittedly, the weather is not nice outside, but you can still have fun inside your chalet, your motorhome or even your hotel room. There are a thousand and one things you can do with a little imagination. Among these, you can:
• improvise a small cinema by streaming your favorite films,
• practice indoor sports,
• write a list of everything that comes to mind: places to visit before you die, things to do before you turn 50, games to play with your children before they turn 18,
• play board games or karaoke,
• dancing during a group release session, etc.;

Make an indoor program

If you want to go out anyway, without wanting to get wet, why not opt ​​for an indoor program? Depending on the city of your vacation, you may find exhibitions or shows in progress a few blocks from your place of accommodation. Otherwise, an aquarium, a zoo, a restaurant or a shopping center will do the trick, as long as you stay covered.

Go out to have fun outside, even without the sun!

dog dressed as skier

As a pupuche, protect yourself from the elements and enjoy the outdoors!

The rain should not prevent you from fully enjoying your stay in this destination, especially if you are spending only a few days there. Go outside then, all the same, provided that it does not rain cats and dogs. With the children, you can go to the beach to collect the shells or the pretty pebbles. If you are near a forest, the wild fruits are just waiting for you for the improvised picking. Bring your waterproof camera and take never-before-seen images of this city in the rain.

Don’t be afraid to get wet

At the same time, you’re already wet, why not get all in on it? This implies a day lounging aboard a swimming pool, whether indoors or not. The water parks are less crowded at this time, so take the opportunity to take the little ones there. For adults, a relaxation session in a SPA would be the ideal program to kill time when it rains in the land of the sun.

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