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Jasper White: Eiffel Tower

Jasper White: Eiffel Tower

“Tour Eiffel” is a photography project by Jasper White looking at intimate and unique views of the Eiffel Tower from the homes of Parisian residents.

Each room is like one of the cast in a play, playing its part in the story, with the fairytale tower always in view, as if from a children’s book Tour Eiffel is one of the most worldwide recognized icons in the 20th century, captivating the imagination of millions of people.

The project contains 40 images of views from the homes of residents of Paris from all walks of life, a diverse microcosm of Parisian society.

Jasper White came up with the idea while visiting Paris on assignment, looking at the tower from the hills of Montmartre, his curiosity made him wonder about the people who shared his view all over the city, and this planted the seed of the project.

“Tour Eiffel” captures the innermost insights, taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, focusing on these environments to narrate a story of each individual and their relationship with the Eiffel Tower, creating this incredible, interesting and engaging document of these residents, it’s a project which can be revisited and new stories, details and characters in the images can be discovered each time.

A description of the work made by the artist (from his website):

Ostentatious, extravagant, ornate, beautiful, and possibly the largest folly in the world. The Eiffel Tower has a place somewhere in everyone’s subconscious and (dare I say it), hearts. This appeal, and my love for the city of Paris, willed me to look at it from a different angle, I wanted to see how it was viewed from the many different residents of Paris, who can see it form their apartment windows, all around the city. Paris is much more than an architectural folly – but if you wanted an anchor to view Paris from, it would be probably the iconic Tour Eiffel.

Bio of the artist:

Born in East London, Jasper started to develop his passion for art and image-making at a young age. He studied Art at Southend Art College, before going on to Kent Institute of Art & Design. Alongside working in editorial and advertising photography, his artwork has been exhibited internationally and it is being held in private and public collections, including the Gallerynine5 in New York and Getty images. Award winning photographer, White’s won many competitions amongst which -International Photography Awards, Creative Review, and the American Photography Awards. White’s work has also been featured in many different publications including, The British Journal of Photography, The Guardian, The Independent and Esquire. Using Photography as his medium, his work looks at the relationship between people and territory and how boundaries are defined within space.


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