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Jota Jordi, a reflection in ‘El Chiringuito’ of the ego that condemns Barça

Jota Jordi, a reflection in ‘El Chiringuito’ of the ego that condemns Barça

Jota Jordi, a reflection in El Chiringuito of the ego that condemns Barça.  Source: Twitter/@elchiringuitotv.

Jota Jordi, a reflection in El Chiringuito of the ego that condemns Barça. Source: Twitter/@elchiringuitotv.

the doubts in ‘The beach bar’ about the short-term future of Barcelona, ​​in reality, they are everyone’s, although Jota Jordi tries to clear them up, demonstrating after these last two years that he has not yet learned the lesson of humility that the economic ruin of the club entails.

When you are used to being one of the European giants, it becomes difficult to accept that the role in the old continent is no longer even secondary. That an Eintracht from Frankfurt, ninth in the Bundesliga when they played against the Catalans in the Europa League, the Catalans could not compete with them under normal conditions. Accepting the fall of two or three steps is very complicated, but Barcelona fans have already had time to do it, for the good of the entity, and I haven’t.

A new transfer market arrives and despite the bankruptcy, Jota Jordi continues to be ambitious in economic terms: “Barça is going to sign Lewandowski and more players”. How? Through the so-called “levers” of the club, which would contribute money, and the transfer of assets. Operations precisely from which millions cannot be derived to the budget according to the 1:3 rule, which speaks merely of assignments or sales to balance the salary mass and the sum of the flow to be able to sign.

In the words of Josep Pedrerol: “It’s a miracle that Barça can sign”.

Of course, Koke Mateu called the thing “crazy”, because Anillamiento Murthy, president of Valencia, met with Joan Laporta two weeks ago to offer him José Gayá and Carlos Soler in a pack for around 60 million. The response of the maximum Blaugrana president was clear and concise: “I don’t have a penny, I can’t buy anyone”.

According to Jota Jordi and José Álvarez it is not that, it is that Barça does not want them. Both have been talking about the culé interest since last year, also once mentioned by both – now – deniers. Would Barça really not take advantage of such an advantageous operation for two Spanish internationals as it stands if they could approach it?

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The arrogance came to light, a clear reflection that it is one of the slabs that weighs most in Barcelona to save the club. The lack of humility is tremendous.

Álex Silvestre immediately put them in their place: “Interesting has been interesting Gayá to Barça for a whole year, and Carlos Soler too, another thing is that they can pay them”. Pedrerol ratified the latter, revealing the program’s culé bench: “We’ve known it here for a long time.”

The contempt for Valencia players not having the quality to play for Barça did not go unnoticed by the director either: “Are you saying that the two players that Valencia offers are not good?”

Obviously, it’s a bargain because Valencia is also the way it is, but the devaluation of two players with a high-level present and future portrays, embodied in Jota Jordi, the great problem of the average Barça fan: that he is not aware of the real need of his team . Like the club has something to do with it, selling until two or three months ago that could be in the race for players like Erling Haaland.

In this regard, Pedrerol could not be more forceful, given the pride of Jota Jordi, stating that there is already an agreement between Lewandowski and Barça: “Tell the truth, the agreement with Messi was closed”.

Jordi, seeing that the war was lost, went for Kike Mateu: “Let a Valencianist come, as the club is, to give lessons on how things have to move economically…”.

Mateu at no time got involved in the management of Barça, but rather valued the potential of Ches footballers.

Jordi quickly revealed himself again, sinning with an excess of ego: “Laporta attends you out of respect and education, but he was not interested. You are the ones who come here as if it were a flea market to say ‘let’s see if you can buy this for me, please’. Really, you have made a fool of yourself by coming to Barcelona to try to sell assets. That he does not interest us ”.

On set, Pedrerol was the first surprised by his words: “Was Valencia making a fool of himself by going to Barcelona?”

Álex Silvestre, ironically, put him back in his place: “No, Laporta wanted to eat alone. He wanted to eat, to see how the site’s menu was. It’s just that… Jota, please, that Laporta is just as desperate as Valencia to sell and to sign”.

“You don’t have to speak from the pulpit either Jota. We’re not here to…let’s get down, let’s get down!”replied

That’s the key, having to assume that. Without doing it, Barça is not going to get out of the hole in which it finds itself.

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