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Just a bit of fun – Recent Dubai weather!

Just a bit of fun – Recent Dubai weather!

A quick break from the norm, just to show you that Dubai isnt always blue skies, sunny and hot! We do get some interesting weather that brings the place to a stand still – which being from England always makes me giggle


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  1. Lmao true that well mines very warm in VN (which I told you yesterday) it’s pretty quiet but some beep noise lol 😂

  2. Two thoughts struck me whilst watching that… First: the vehicle owner in me thought, "Gods but a sandstorm must do horrible things to your car's paint work…" And second: "I wonder if we will ever see weather effects in Blitz…" Just some random stuff while watching that footage…

  3. this… 00:30 put tears on my eyeys its so fken beautiful ); the sky is just really beautiful

  4. Is that the road to Jebel Ali on the sand storm bit ? If it is I spent nearly 2 hrs stuck on a coach in a sands storm on that road back in the 90s lol

  5. My first thought on opening this page: That boat seems to be a bit of permanent display… not a single tag or other graffiti! I remember when I was a young man and the sight of graffiti shocked me when I reached the big city of West Berlin in 1982. 2020 and a permanent fixture with NO tags or graffiti shocks me… now I'm depressed at the thought.

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