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Key by VIN

Important note:

We do NOT cut or program customer supplied blanks, chip keys, remotes or key fobs that were not purchased from us. This includes blanks or remotes purchased online.

Lost your only key? Need a replacement car key? How about a replacement remote car key? We can help! We can come to you and make a car key by VIN number for the vehicles listed below. We have signed contracts with vehicle manufacturers that give us access to their key databases.

There are four conditions for us to be able to create a key according to the VIN for your vehicle:

  1. Is the vehicle listed below? We do not do any work or make keys for the general public for the following vehicles: BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Saab or Volvo. For these vehicles, you must contact the appropriate dealer.

  2. Are you the owner of the vehicle and whether your name is listed on the registration or on the purchase invoice? The registered owner must be present with the appropriate valid driver’s license (national identity card and passport are NOT acceptable) to sign a release form for the vehicle manufacturer giving us the authority to make the key.

  3. Are all locks, immobilizer, transponders, doors, steering column, etc.factory original (not replaced)?

  4. Are you in our service area? We service Indianapolis, Greenwood, Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville and Westfield.

If you can answer “yes” to all of the above, we can help!

We do not do any work or make keys for public users for the following vehicles: BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Saab or Volvo
VIN search year ranges
Acura: 1991 – Present Audi: 2000 – today
Buick: 1985 – Present Lexus: 1989 – Present
Cadillac: 1985 – Present Lincoln: 1998 – Present
Chevrolet: 1985 – Present Mazda: 1998 – present
Chrysler: 1996 – Present Mercury: 1998 – present
Dodge: 1996 – Present Mitsubishi: 1995 – present
Ford: 1998 – Present Nissan: 1998 – present
GMC: 1985 – Present Oldsmobile: 1985 – Present
Honda: 1991 – Present Plymouth: 1996 – Present
Hummer: 1985 – Present Pontiac: 1985 – Present
Hyundai: 1996 – present Saturn: 1985 – Present
Infiniti: 1998 – Present Consequence: 1989 – today
Jeep: 1996 – present Subaru: 2000 – present
Kia: 2004 – present Suzuki: Every year
Toyota: 1989 – Present Volkswagen: 2000 – today


Purchases of keys made according to the VIN code are non-refundable. VIN cut keys are tested in front of the customer to make sure they work, we do not charge a VIN key lookup fee if the key does not work.

Our price to come to you and make a key according to the VIN starts at 129.95, the price is higher if the key has buttons or is a remote fob. We will give you the final price over the phone before arriving to make the key. Our quoted price on the phone is the final price including programming if required and no additional or hidden charges.

Important note:

Please note that we cannot cut, program or guarantee remotes, fobs, keys or key blanks not purchased from us, or provide keys or PIN codes or access factory databases without a signed form. Our agreements with manufacturers prohibit us from releasing PINs, key codes and programming information to the public.

If you have replaced your vehicle’s locks, transponders, immobilizer or ignition control modules with non-factory installed parts (at a junkyard, at an auto parts store, at a mechanic, locksmith, etc.), the PIN search/programming procedure above will not work (since it does not we can look up your data and the factory data for your vehicle will not match aftermarket parts) and we You can not make a key for the vehicle. Under no circumstances do we ship keys made using this process or make keys for third parties.

To learn more, call us today at 317-783-3861 gold send us an email.


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