Key West, in the far south of Florida

There key road belongs to the most remarkable roads in the world.

Asphalt net between sky and seathe azure kilometers extend over the islands.

Seeing a piece of ocean is worth it. One hour of patience from Miami is necessary before observing this spectacle with blue eyes.

Key Largo, Marathon and finally Key West

Key Westthe final stage before Cuba, let its Creole white houses on a checkerboard pattern. Here, time seems to stretch, stop, suspend.

The streets follow one another royally: Elizabeth Street, Angela Street, Margaret Street, Washington Street etc.

Far from the main activity of the city concentrated around Duval Street, calm and slowness reign. Only one house seems to attract the attention of tourists who flock to its entrance.

Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West

The house ofErnest Hemingway which I cross the gate with a particular emotion. This lover of life, women and words to whom I pay tribute through these few lines.

The entrance ticket in my hands, I am handed a sheet of paper in French on the history of the place. Nothing ostentatious, nothing grandiose.

A art deco style house and to the measured surface where the crowds agglutinate. I try to soak up the atmosphere despite the noise, despite the bustle.

A black cat is lounging on the bathroom window sill. Two other imperturbable people occupy the bed under the yellow eye of the cameras.

I imagine the man sitting on the circular balcony after a morning of offshore fishing with a cigar in his mouth. Above the pool, the master’s workshop awaits visitors. Same as when Ernest Hemingway wrote Farewell to Arms.

others six finger cats stroll in the garden, on the graves of their ancestors. A last one plays the tightrope walkers on the edge of the swimming pool while a guide tells the story of a room cast in concrete. A remnant penny from a witty man’s second marriage.

Key West beach version

The oppressive heat in this month of August pushes us towards Fort Zachary Beach.

For a few dollars, pedestrians and vehicles can access the park and its facilities (showers, toilets, car park, snack bar).

This modest stretch of sand is the joy of families looking for relative freshness. The most seasoned swimmers head for the rocks where a few colorful fish are crowded.

It’s the dance of the tubas in troubled waters due to the arrival of a cruise liner.

key west fort zachary baech

Sunset over Key West

At sunset, the beach empties of its towels and its buckets. Most people go to Mallory Square where an entertainment festival is in full swing.

Fire-eater, juggler, tightrope walker, musician, all fill space and time. And all are waiting for him: the key west sunset.

A fiery sunset unlike any other. The synchronous communion of a crowd entirely devoted to the blazing star before dispersing in the shade of the streets lined with palm trees.

The itinerary of our 19-day road trip in Florida took us to other equally amazing places. As Celebrationthe city imagined and designed by Walt Disney!


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