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Learn French in 25 Minutes – ALL the Basics You Need

Learn French in 25 Minutes – ALL the Basics You Need

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In this video, you’ll get started with French. You will discover the key points of French Grammar! This is THE place to start if you want to start learning French.

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  1. I can use this when I go to Canada , for there are some PROVINCES in there that speak French ( exclude the BIG CITIES like ONTARIO , TORONTO , etc.) , just in the Provinces not in the Cities , for who knows I might be assigned in the Province ( a Particular Province ) which pays ( salary ) a high amount compared to Big Cities ).Healthy wise , I think / believe that I am fit in there.

  2. Why does cl from 2ne1 look so similar to the first woman here even if cl is korean(south)

  3. No boys even if you speak French you aren't getting a girl who looks like her in France anymore than English gets you a model in America. You don't want them anyway. Waaayy too much drama and maintenance.

  4. I'm not even that good at english yet im here watching this.

  5. struggling to say "De te rencontrer"😭😭

  6. I can't find those words in the sentence what she is reading . But it sounds great.

  7. Si oui oui uhh can speak le french

  8. Dude this girl's makeup and hair is on par with a Titanic Sinclair project, very impressive for something that's actually really helpful

  9. Merci Beacucoup, Madame whatever your name is, va tzuk

  10. She is beautiful. Narrator is very pretty. Come on! It's just a compliment. Nothing personal. I like to learn French!

  11. Je peux parler en français mais la grammaire est vraiment movaise et j'ai peur de discuter avec les français aussi.😝 the grammar is so taugh one for me , i really have no clue when i think bout it, i have to move forward though. Let's shoot it .

  12. okay, so! I have a specific teacher who teaches me and the problem is that my teacher pronounces 20 different.
    I really don’t wanna mispronounce a word when I go to France.

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