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London Eye – Wikipedia

London Eye – Wikipedia

the London Eye (“London Eye”), also known as Millennium Wheel (“the millennium wheel”), is a big Wheel set up at London for the year 2000 festivitiesat the same time as the Millennium Dome of Greenwich. It is one of the tourist attractions in Europe to have been honored with a Thea Award, given by the Themed Entertainment Association.

She was first called British Airways London Eyethen Merlin Entertainments London Eyethen EDF Energy London Eye from the following a three-year partnership with EDF Energy as sponsor[1]between mid-and early 2020, The Coca-Cola London Eye. Finally, since the end of January 2020, it has become The lastminute.com London Eye[2].

The Millennium Wheel was first built flat, on the Thames. Engineers underestimated the force required to lift it into place, vertically. It therefore took several cranes, and an effort of several days, to finally be able to hoist it (moreover, the first attempt ended in failure: some cables had broken). The architects are David Marks, Julia Barfield, Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk, Steven Chilton and Nic Bailey.

In , 8.5 million people were on board. At this same time, Lambeth Council agreed to plans to make the wheel a permanent attraction despite tough economic times.

Since the Eye is the focal point of the New Year celebrations of Londonwith the countdown from 10 minutes which is displayed involving fireworks fired from the wheel itself.

In 2006, the Tussauds group bought out the shares of the other two individual owners, British Airways and the Barfield brand family (the principal architects). After the purchase of Merlin Entertainments by the Tussauds group in 2007, they became full owners of the London Eye. British Airways continued its brand association, but from early 2008 the name “British Airways” was dropped from the logo.

the it was announced[3] that 30 million people had traveled the London Eye since its opening in .

the the London Eye saw another mark, this time calling it The Merlin Entertainments London Eye to display the property of Merlin Entertainments. A new logo has been designed for the attraction – this time taking the actual shape of an eye with the famous landmarks of London. This is also when the new pre-flight show Merlin Entertainments London Eye 4D experience was launched under the ticket office in the town hall[4].

the the London Eye marked his 10and anniversary.

During the appeal process 2012 OlympicsLondon bid organizers announced that the Olympic emblem would be attached to the Ferris wheel for the duration of the 2012 Summer Olympics[5].

London Eye view from Victoria Embankment.

The wheel carries 32 passenger cabins, watertight and air-conditioned, attached to its outer circumference, each cabin represents one of the boroughs of London[6]. However, the cabins are numbered from 1 to 33, omitting 13 for the reasons of superstition. The capsules are 10 tons each and each cabin can hold 25 people, although seats are present, passengers are free to walk inside the capsule. The wheel spins at 26 cm per second (approx. 0.9 kph so that one rotation lasts approximately 24 min 30 s. The wheel usually does not stop to pick up passengers; the rotation speed is slow enough to allow passengers to enter and exit the cabins without danger. It will, however, be stopped to allow disabled or elderly people to board and disembark safely.[7],[8],[9].

The rim of the eye is supported by “spokes” and resembles a huge bicycle wheel. The lighting for the London Eye has been redone with lighting OF THE in to allow digital control of lights rather than manual replacement of fluorescent tubes[10].

The wheel was designed by architects Frank Anatole, Nic Bailey, Steven Chilton, Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk, Julia Barfield and David Marks[11].

Mace, a European company, was responsible for the construction, with Hollandia as subcontracting for metal constructions and Douglas Tilbury (now called Interserve) asentrepreneur civil. The group engineerstips Tony Gee & Partners designed the foundation works, while Beckett Rankine designed the marine works.[réf. nécessaire]

The wheel was constructed in sections which floated to the Thames on barges and assembled flat on stacked platforms on the river. Once the wheel was complete, it was erected in a vertical position by a jacking system strandjack, at 2 degrees per hour until it reaches 65 degrees. He was left in this position for a week, while the engineers were preparing for the second phase of theascent. The wheel contains approximately 1,870 tons of steel. The project was European with major components coming from six countries: the steel was supplied by the UK and manufactured at Netherlands by the company dutch hollandiathe cables came fromItalythe bearings arrived fromGermanydesigned by FAG/Schaeffler Group, the rotating shafts and the hubs were cast in Czech republicthe capsules were made by Poma in France (and the glass for these comes fromItaly) and the electrical components of the UK[12].

Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners (NLP) assisted the operators of the London Eyethe Tussauds groupobtaining planning and listed buildings consent to alter the wall on the south bank of the Thames.

NLP also planned and listed the consent applications for the permanent preservation of the attraction on behalf of the London Eye Company.

This involved the coordination of a declaration environmental and the production of a statement of planning support detailing the reasons for its continuation[13].

the London Eye is close to the station and some subway station of Waterloo. The resorts of embankment and westminster are also not far away.

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