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London To Dubai Travel Vlog 20th March 2022

London To Dubai Travel Vlog 20th March 2022

Join me in this travel vlog as I head to Heathrow Airport in London and fly to Dubai with British Airways on a Airbus A350 for the very first time

I show you as much as I can in this travel vlog from the amazing Terminal 5 at Heathrow, boring the plane, on flight food and entertainment, walking through Dubai Airport and picking up my hire car and finally a full room tour at Rove At The Park hotel


The flight over was 7hrs total and was a good flight if a little busy, I pick up a brand new Kia Picanto car and I’m staying at the amazing Rove hotel which is a 4min drive to Dubai Parks and Resorts

All footage was filmed in 2.7k 50fps using a Gopro Hero 9 Black with official accessories

#britishairways #heathrowairport #dubai #roveatthepark



  1. you might not know this but BA offers unlimited free alcohol and soft drinks on the plane so better take advantage of that😂

  2. Heeey brother we met in norway pavillon in dubai , i'm the guy from algeria we spoke for some moments nice to meet you brother

  3. You having a dig at my travel vlogs and music young Man !!!! 🤣🤣. I cannot believe that was the meal they gave you on the BA plane, that pretty crappy. You are a brave man driving in Dubai we just ubered everywhere. Looking forward to the vlogs , enjoy the trip !!

  4. Spot on Andy really professional travel blog. It made me chuckel when you said you watch films on your phone. When you are at work, I hope your boss is not watching, lol. Can I ask at which point you have to prove that you are double vaccinated, and if you are not, what is the protocol to travel to Dubai. Looking forward to your vlogs this week 👍👊

  5. Really enjoyed your first travel vlog, hope it’s a great trip out

  6. I rather enjoyed this vlog. I like those flying vloggers, lol…so I recognized the name drop of one you did. Well done, and done boldly. Those other vloggers tend to speak quietly, and then put up clips, which is fine. But I like the full on honesty you don't stop with. I feel it tho, the idea of traveling on your own…very nerve wracking for me as well. When I went to Oktoberfest, while I met up with a group…the whole travel experience, being on my own, having to get to the hotel…I was so nervous the whole time. Even on the train to the city from the airport, I was like…I hope I'm not going the wrong way.. But it turned out really nice and it looks like it did for you as well. So next time, you'll be even more confident.

  7. Hi there Andy just been watching your video do u every think will get ill

  8. Love a good travel vlog Andy, glad you have started with this one, looking forward to the next vlogs, have an amazing time

  9. I would be as nervous as you, I flew once and it was nice and I would love to again but my siblings would not do it, so home I stay and this American lives through your eyes. Cannot wait to see Dubai . Be safe and enjoy 😉. You booked some great low budget things. Cheers mate.

  10. So they drive like us Americans, is it weird for you ? Or do you love it?

  11. I Really admire you Andrew for going on your own that far ☺

  12. Hi Andy, to say that was your first travel vlog I thoroughly enjoyed it. Informative, interesting and brought back memories. I hope you enjoyed your half a sandwich 🥪😆 the hotel looked lovely and a decent price. I’m looking forward to the rest of the vlogs from your trip 👍

  13. Nice report. Your flight looked very busy. BA used to offer better catering in economy but hope you enjoyed your trip.

  14. What's happened to your new vlog you put on? 1 minute it was their then next it wasn't.

  15. The room you stayed in looks lovely! 😍😍

  16. Hi Andy Wow this travel vlog was great . I love watching them your brave going on your own . I'm really looking forward to seeing all the vlogs from here . Thankyou for sharing your adventures with us. Love to you as always Tracey 💕 xxxx

  17. Thanks Andy…, If I had to try and watch another "Legoland", or "Chessington…" I think I'd meltdown in me head (how do all these other channels expect to keep making it with the same vlog number 271 of Alto Towers or such.) LOL! I feel for them, but…You know what I'm saying though, right? I'm sure Poland is out, so… nice to ponder on this adventure. Totally different that.

  18. Nice video. Asking BA for a free upgrade is one of the best ways not to get one! They always prioritise the Exec card holders first (the shinier the card the better). However as you were travelling alone you would have been higher up the pecking order if there had been operational upgrades going on!

  19. Very very nice VLOG 😀you should fly again VERY SOON so that you could do such nice reports soon again!

    It would be so awesome if you could fly to Munich airport and do such a walk around at the terminals, because that’s my favorite airport (MUC AIRPORT )

  20. Got to love these travel vlogs, really gives me the itch to fly again. Going Dubai in September but with Turkish Airlines, they are much better than BA. Hope to see more of these type of vlogs

  21. Do you need to have a vaccination nowadays?

  22. @ 29:40 I couldn’t stop laughing at the zoomed in on your face😂😂😂😂😂

  23. is NHS Covid vaccination enough for Dubai?

  24. NHS COVID‑19 test certificates for travel from the United Kingdom to Dubai will not be accepted. Does this mean Vaccination certificate or just the test?

  25. You mentioned meeting up with people, I saw them in another video. Do they have a channel?

  26. Hi this is so useful, I wanted to ask if you were required to get travel/health insurance before you travel. I am try to work this out as I am visiting soon but am really confused with what is exactly needed. It would really help if you could let me know what you needed to present

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