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Madrid – Eurocities

Madrid – Eurocities



The Spanish capital is one of the most populous in the European Union, a cosmopolitan city where people of over 180 nationalities live together. Expatriates feel at home as they easily make friends with Madrid’s amiable residents and adapt to the local culture, enjoying this open, inclusive city.

Madrid is Europe’s sunniest capital city. The blue sky and sunlight enhance the vibrant and joyful energy of the city, gifting it with a climate that makes it possible, at any time of day or night, to walk the streets. Life is definitely lived outside in Madrid, and it’s in its streets that art and history, shops and cultural performances, markets and traditional flavors come together.

It’s impossible to resist the charms of the city with the longest life expectancy in Europe. The city boasts one of Europe’s best healthcare systems. Its inhabitants don’t risk ruining their health by anxiously waiting on public transport, because Madrid’s modern transport network will take them anywhere quickly and easily. And visitors arrive in a short ride from the airport to the city centre.

As the Spanish capital, Madrid is home to embassies and international organisations, major companies and financial institutions. It ranks first in Spain for the creation of new companies and is one of Europe’s most attractive cities for businesses, investors and employment. An innovative and dynamic city, Madrid’s forward-looking entrepreneurial ecosystem is experiencing exponential growth and has positioned itself as one of the tech hubs with the greatest potential in Europe. The city is a favorite spot for entrepreneurs from around the globe seeking to launch a start-up.

The city boasts a wide range of educational centers and universities, including some of the world’s top business schools. Madrid is one of the cities that attracts the most university talent in Europe and Erasmus students rank it as their favorite city destination, citing its enviable geographical location, its excellent connectivity, its parks and green areas, its streets full of culture and history, and its lively nightlife – in short, a vibrant city full of life.

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