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“Madrid has beaten Barcelona with luxury tourism”

“Madrid has beaten Barcelona with luxury tourism”

Nothing is accidental. Neither surprising nor surprising. The success of Madrid -and the apathy of Barcelona- has been a matter of years. For many years and two types of tourism policies and antagonistic economic. Undoubtedly to the detriment of the Ciudad Condal, which in recent years has dragged a certain fatalism, has had a lot to do with the drift towards sovereignty. The challenge to the State, and to a large part of its population, has sunk a city that, in the past, has been synonymous with good living and success. To this have been added the economic and social policies of the City Council commanded by Ada Colau. A sum of factors, among which we must not disdain the “tourism phobia” prior to the pandemic that has led to an inhospitable image with the foreigner.

Against this, from City of MadridFor years, work has been done to promote a certain quality tourism. Not surprisingly, the city has been populated, in recent times, by people -and economic capital- of South American origin. The commitment to luxury tourism, with the opening of dozens of four and five star hotels, has raised Madrid among the great international destinations. Good communications, quality of life, culture, gastronomy and safety have been the key to why today the capital of Spain, until a while ago “second best” compared to Barcelona or the coast, has become the chosen quality destination. In this sense, the international press continues to surrender to Madrid. This very week, the prestigious North American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” It has been the penultimate medium to highlight what someone called “living in Madrid” or the “Madrid model”; particularly “in the luxury segment”.

The American newspaper reveals that “Madrid has many of those things that one expects from the great European capitals: layers and layers of history, magnificent art collections, stately, tree-lined streets, a highly efficient metro system, and numerous Michelin-starred restaurants. However, it has been until recently a city relatively forgotten by American tourists, more focused on London or Paris.

And he puts his finger on the sore spot by stating that ”Madrid is emerging and beginning to shine with its own light” in front of a Barcelona “in front of which it was in the shade”. And it does numbers, because although Catalonia continues to receive more tourists, “the data from Madrid show that it is growing strongly. In the past, the capital was more of a transit town. Nevertheless, its variety and hospitality are making more and more people focus on Madrid. In fact, it is increasingly welcoming more people from other regions or countries”.

“In Catalonia there is a lot of Catalan pridebut Madrid is an open city, a crossroads of cultures. No one is truly Madrid. This open nature has made more and more tourists choose to spend their time in Madrid. Travel agencies reveal that it is one of the cities that most surprises American visitors. Madrid is growing. Its streets have improved a lot. The traditional architecture, the old flavor is maintained… but the city is clean, renovated, new”, points out the North American newspaper.

in front of the impediments in Barcelona to open new luxury hotelsthe American newspaper applauds projects such as the transformation of the Plaza de España, in which almost 75 million euros have been invested to make a grand walk from Pintor Rosales to the Royal Palace, and highlights the total change of the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, with more of 120 million euros of investment or the opening in the capital of the only hotel of the chain of Four Seasons super luxurywithin the total renovation of the Canalejas block, a stone’s throw from Puerta del Sol. A kilometer zero that is also in full renovation, unlike Colau’s Barcelona, ​​sunk in the controversy of El Prat airport, the Diagonal tram or the “superislands” of the Ensanche.

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