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Mallorca – Living the local life on the largest island of the Balearics

Mallorca – Living the local life on the largest island of the Balearics

“Cleaning woman island”, concrete castles, Ballermann: Mallorca’s image is negatively affected in some respects. The documentary explores the charm of the largest Balearic island beyond the hustle and bustle of tourism and Rambazamba.

The “real” Mallorca is best explored through real Majorcans: Manolo Barahona, TV fishing expert from the local island broadcaster IB3, faces the most difficult task of the year. The Raor is in season, the most expensive fish on the island. Manolo is supposed to get him first in front of the camera and then in the pan. There’s only one catch, the little fish with the piranha teeth just doesn’t want to be on TV.

In the first months of the year Mallorca turns into a sea of almond blossoms. There are around seven million almond trees on the island, once planted to replace dead vines. But now also the almond trees are threatened. The fire bacterium continues to spread, especially on the large plantations. The farmer Biel Torrens wants to save Mallorca’s almond trees and fruit with a small organic plantation and gentle harvesting methods. He shakes the almonds from the tree by hand instead of using a mechanical vibrator.

Cap de Formentor is the northernmost point of Mallorca. The Mallorcans call it the “meeting point of the winds”. Stones have always played a very special role in this rocky and rough region. The famous stone throwers, the Foners, once fought for the armies of Rome and Carthage. The Foners of today only compete in sports competitions. Old master Diego Camuñas makes his own slingshots, braided from the fibres of the Agave.

Jaume Gual hangs again over the side of the patrol boat and looks into the tube. Caught: a false parker at sea! The motorboat tourist has anchored in the middle of a seagrass meadow. That gives a book reference and a hefty fine. Before Mallorca you will find the largest Neptune grass meadows in the Mediterranean area. They are considered the “lungs of the sea” and are endangered by ruthless tourists.

A few years ago Francisco Pizá Bordoy opened his beach bar near Ses Salines. Whoever runs such a chiringuito is also responsible for the entire beach operation. He has to employ lifeguards, keep the sand clean, set up sufficient toilets and of course loungers. In short: provide total relaxation for the guests. The beach entrepreneur himself can rarely relax, as he is a policeman in his main job. The lease contract for his beach section is limited in time. And the competition doesn’t sleep.



  1. Those little kids 😂❤️

  2. The narrator doesn't due a good job at translating. The patrol man on the water said the French always argue, not discuss. He made alot of mistake, it's not that serious but a little annoying because he isn't conveying what they say properly. None the less, the beauty of this video makes up for it.

  3. Interesting and informative, although you could have skipped the fish guy.

  4. yet another well done reportage (congrats to the team)

  5. Oooohhhh Manolouuu … oohhh, mi no jabla mucho Espaniol … mi comprrrrrrende Inglese mehó … yo guiri de toda la vida de Dió …

  6. Ha ha ha . Perfect racket to extort money from rich vacationers. Oh you know you have to pay penalty because your anchor touched the blade of seaweed.

  7. What a beautiful and very creative documentary..Congrats guys I am your No. Fan of your Chanel…Thank you for sharing us ..

  8. They want his land they control the markets eventually the extreme wealthy get it all

  9. Excellent documentary. The narration is very clear and concise. Very few unnecessary background "music". Thank you very much !

  10. Proper documentaries do NOT have background music… listening to music is not what documentaries are for ! They are about knowledge..

  11. Anyone else find the music choice a little odd? I’m so used to the classic style from all of the other docs


  13. I’m so glad I found this! I have spent my summers in Mallorca most of my life and I long to go back there – it’s videos like this that keep me going until I finally do! Loved the fish guy! Great work!👏

  14. I'm surprised most people are overweight, looking like America. I thought this region people ate healthy naturally like Mediterranean diet etc..

  15. Too much hyperdramatic narration and annoying music. Like old guys trying to be cool by seeming young. Be what and who you are. That's what's really cool.

  16. Great loved it brought back childhood memories. Thanks. 👍

  17. Terribly boring and silly. Manolo could not be more boring. And, it doesn't matter if you vibrate the trunk or hit the branches with a stick: almonds are dried fruit! It doesn't make a difference: fools!

  18. I recognize some people after 30 years

  19. We lived here w my mom n siste r s in the 60s went to Boarding school in Palma then lived further away by a beach town

  20. Only for vaccinated people….. BOYCOTT the Balearic Islands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The stories about almonds and the policeman taking care of the beach were interesting and made this documentary worth watching. On the other hand, the parts with Manolo and slingshots were way too long and tedious.

  22. i love when they show the people on the beach, and you just see all the lovely beautiful bootys of the balearic girlies 🥰🥰🥰

  23. The anchor was not actually on seagrass….

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