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  1. Только что вернулся с такой же поездки, снято очень хорошо!!!

  2. Отличное видео! Автору респект! Мы 21-го сентября вернулись из Мармариса… Бухта Желаний.., Bar Street.., Neptun Express…, поющий фонтан…, усатый дядька с мороженым…, ЭТО МАРМАРИС, ДЕТКА!
    Bye, bye Мармарис 2013! Welcome to Marmaris 2014!

  3. does anyone know what the really beaty song they played on the turtle beach boat is called as someon ewrote it down for me but i lost it??

  4. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Vanderway Edit 2013)

  5. Всем спасибо за отзывы не ожидал что видео наберет столько просмотров снимал первый раз для себя
    Thank you for your feedback did not expect to score so much that the video display shot the first time for yourself

  6. Великолепное видео!!! Сразу вернуло меня на 2 года назад:))

  7. я там был в тоже время) даже видел ту русскую девушку спящую на пирсе с турком) ее ждал весь автобус, а она не собиралась уезжать

  8. i was there with the girlfriend in september, loved it!

  9. я там буду 13 06 2014)скорей бы

  10. What a great video! It really shows all the different sides of Marmaris. Makes one want to visit this city. 😉

  11. Nice video, thanks.
    02.06.14… can't wait 🙂

  12. wonderful place. I was there in 2013. Can not wait to see it again

  13. great video brings it to life ,makes you want to go 5 stars

  14. LOVE IT! i've been here atleast… 5 times now, going for a 6th time next month, i reccomemd the Turtle bar it has karaoke, good and cheaper drinks and a nice place to go, a nice place to just go and relax, it's usually not THAT full though lol nor is there usually girls standing on the bar lol this must of been filmed during the wave of 18 – 20 year olds going on a clubbing holiday lol, or a saturday night? but yeh it's usually a nice quiet bar people to go to sit down and half some drinks.

    I also reccomend Rose restaurant and the Italian restaurant (it just says Italian on the front), fantastic food and very welcoming, also the steak houses omg… fantastic, although Rose restaurant make fantastic steaks and pork chops, also a generous serving of lasagne, i could never eat it all, so if you order it that can be your tea for the next day, you will only eat half of it probs, but so much flavour. The highlight is definitely the food. For shopping i reccomend to not buy the shoes unless you can find a good pair and any sun glasses, buy ones with proper metal hinges, not ones with plastic as they break easily, i've had a pair of visor type ones for a long time and they lasted ages, just store them in re-seal bags because the paint chips pretty easily.

  15. Hopefully will be in marmaris again this summer (:

  16. i went twice last year may and september 2015

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