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Marmaris Beach, Turkey Summer 2020 4K

Marmaris Beach, Turkey Summer 2020 4K

Central Marmaris beach, Turkey

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  1. is your camera person male or female? are they ugly or wearing a uniform? how come no one ever smiles at them…and by the way, there is no art in this work, ever – its like its made by an ugly security guy wearing a body cam for reasons of ?. It could so easy be a bikini appreciation vid, if the camera person had any eye for it, which they don't. I have to run the vid at 0.25 speed just to get a look. I love the notion of high quality beach walks, but a beach without people is boring. No one watches for the water. We watch for the people – so when you find an interesting one, understand what you have and slow down, dwell, like our eyes would in real life. The artist would find the interest and focal points. You could nail an under developped market, start by firing the camera person or giving them new intstructions – i watch all your beach vids, i 'like' a few, i 'dislike' most. I'm one of the dislikes above – because you denied me a better look at interesting people – nothing more than i would do with my own eyes.

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