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Marmaris Day Trips – 7 Best Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris Day Trips – 7 Best Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

Last updated on July 20, 2022
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Wondering what tours to do in Marmaris, Turkey?

Pamukkale, Turkey - A natural wonder in Europe!

Surrounded by forested mountains and bathed in clear waters, Marmaris is one of the most walkable cities in Europe i best summer destinations in the city, located in southwest Turkey. A hotspot for water sports enthusiasts, sun worshipers and tourists alike, there are many wonderful things to do in Marmarisbut so is the popular port centre perfectly located to see more of what Turkey has to offer. So far, I have been to Marmaris twice and on each occasion I have taken advantage of it by doing several excursions in Marmaris. From boat trips in Marmaris to adventure activities to visiting another country, I’ve compiled my list of the best day trips from Marmaris you can take so you don’t miss any of the good stuff!

Tip: I booked all my tours in Marmaris through my hotel representative (yes, I visited Marmaris all inclusive a long time ago, but I usually book my trips now, not through an agent). You should be able to book any of these through travel agents in Marmaris or online in advance.

1. Boat trip from Marmaris to Dalyan

Iztuzu Beach - Marmaris Day Trips - 7 Best Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

One of the must-do excursions in Marmaris is take a cruise on the Dalyan River for the day Departing from Marmaris Marina, you will have the opportunity to do just that cruise the Turquoise Coast of Turkey before changing to a smaller boat to continue the journey down the Dalyan River. Before you switch to the emerald waters of the Dalyan River, you probably will stop at Iztuzu beach which is the breeding ground for turtles and is also home to blue crabs.

As you cruise further along the Dalyan River, you’ll pass reeds and mountains, with the whole experience quite serene. You will see the Ancient Lycian tombs carved into the cliff wall, before reaching the natural mud and thermal pools. Although it’s a tiring day, this is one of the must-do Marmaris boat tours and a lot of tour operators offer this trip, so it won’t be difficult to book.

2. A day trip from Marmaris to Rhodes

What to do in Rhodes Town, Greece

If you’re like me, the opportunity to do so take a trip from one country to another during any party it’s welcomed with open arms – it’s a great way to see more of the world in a short period of time. And when I found out that a Day trip to Marmaris in Greece it was easy to do, I jumped at the chance. When you’re in Marmaris, you’re in a prime location to grab one day trip to Rhodes and (hopefully) get another stamp in your passport.

It is around a an hour’s ferry ride from Marmaris and the boat docks outside the walls of the Old City. There are many beautiful ones things to do in Rhodesand has a picturesque and perfectly preserved old town: its network of cobbled streets, picturesque alleys, sociable squares and fortifications are definitely worth exploring during the day. Plus, if you’re gut-guts like me, Rhodes has it delicious ice cream parlor and places to enjoy Traditional Greek gyrosI like Pita Fan!

advice: Check Greece entry requirements before booking your trip and bring your passport on the day; you will ask for it at the port on departure and arrival.

3. Day trip to Pamukkale from Marmaris

Pamukkale - Marmaris Day Trips - 7 Best Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

Another of the excursions in Marmaris that I highly recommend is a day trip to Pamukkalewhich is one of natural wonders of Europe. Located in the in western TurkeyPamukkale has been formed over thousands of years by waters rich in calcium oxide it flows over the cliffs up to 200 meters high, and leaves behind its white deposits.

Pamukkale - Marmaris Day Trips - 7 Best Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

For reasons that don’t need explaining that will become apparent when you’re in their presence, Pamukkale is nicknamed “cotton castle”. The mineral-rich waters are perfect for an afternoon swim, or you can take the opportunity to take a dip Cleopatra thermal pools on top of the white travertines. As with the Dalyan River Cruise, this day trip from Marmaris is a long day, but an experience worth taking advantage of for anyone traveling to Turkey!

4. Go diving

Diving: Marmaris Excursions - 7 Best Day Excursions from Marmaris, Turkey

I have always wanted to practice diving and Marmaris seemed like the perfect place shows life under the deep blue sea. My particular diving experience was with a company called Varied delight i he left from a city called Icmeler which is a stone’s throw from Marmaris. We spent the day on the water and arrived dive a couple of timesi use snorkeling gear in between More, this including a lovely lunch on board Diving is one of the must-do excursions and excursions in Marmaris for water lovers, and being among the abundance of marine life below is a moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

5. Go Quad biking

Quad Bike - Marmaris Tours - 7 Best Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

Adventure junkies gather, because there is many daily excursions in Marmaris full of adrenaline on offer, including the Quad. I spent a morning quad biking on the outskirts of Marmaris, and it’s one of my favorite memories of my time in Turkey. There usually is options to share a Quad (usually cheaper) if you are traveling as a couple or with a group, or for you have one of your own. My journey took me on bumpy tracks, around trees, through waterand covered me with one all the dustso make sure you wear something you don’t mind ruining (and I wouldn’t bother with your makeup too much)!

advice: If you’re going to do something adventurous like quad biking (or horse riding, see Best Day Trips in Marmaris #7), make sure your travel insurance covers these activities. You can usually find this in the fine print of your policy documentation.

6. Marmaris moonlight cruise

Evening Moonlight and Sunset Cruise over Marmaris - Marmaris Tours - 7 Best Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

When I visited Marmaris, it seemed common for travel agencies to include one complimentary dinner cruise when you bought a few different Marmaris tours with them (psst… maybe not the case anymore). So, on both visits I ended up doing evening dinner cruises around the house!

Sunset over Marmaris - Marmaris Day Trips - 7 Best Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

But, free or not, I would really recommend it as one of the best boat trips in Marmaris because it’s quite an idyllic experience. Usually you will departure from Marmaris marina in the late afternoon and cruise the bay, watching the sun set and the lights of the buildings and ships begin to glow. When day turns to dawn, you will be enjoying a good dinner, some music and the option of having a drink.

7. Go horseback riding

Horseback Safari - Marmaris Tours - 7 Best Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

Another of the best excursions in Marmaris is to do a riding place. As with the Quad, I spent a morning on a horse safari near Marmaris walking through the countryside and along the rivers. The horses on my particular trip seemed well looked after which is very important to me and will be to many other animal lovers – I booked through a travel agency in Marmaris but in hindsight I would suggest a Look online for reviews of different companies and book with a based on these to try and make sure it’s ethical. I even he saw a wild turtle walking through the grass in the middle of nowhere, which is an absolute novelty for me because the closest we get to turtles in the UK is at the local Zoo!

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