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Marmaris Grand Bazaar (FAKE MARKET) – Daytime walk through – 3 August 2019 – 4K Video

Marmaris Grand Bazaar (FAKE MARKET) – Daytime walk through – 3 August 2019 – 4K Video

A short walk through the Kapali Carsi Grand Bazaar Marmaris (Fake Market) in Turkey at about 1pm on 3 August 2019 4K.



  1. It would have been a good video if you had actually stood and filmed some of the items for sale – shame

  2. Lütfen turistik kıyafetler değil iyi fiyata iyi kıyafetler bulabileceğimi öneriyorum.

  3. please suggest that I find good clothes at a good price and not touristy.

  4. I'm heading to marmaris in a few days, never been before. What kind of prices should I be expecting? And any tips on haggling?

  5. Great, You will have lots of fun. The more you buy the cheaper you can get things for. Sometimes they really highball you, just walk away and say no thanks, hindered of shops selling the same stuff . expect to pay about £10 for most good trainers we had no problem saying 2 pairs for £15 and getting them for that. Pay no more than £5-6 for good fake designer t-shirts tell them (don’t ask) that you will pay for £20 for 5 tees, same goes for new season footy kits. It’s also end of season for them so they would rather sell stuff cheaper than not at all 👍

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