Best Marmaris Waterparks

Marmaris waterparks are a big part of a family holiday with no doubts. There are 3 options available,while you want to become a kid yourself and play with your own children in the best Marmaris waterpark.

When it comes to booking for any of Marmaris waterparks, the first thing that you will be looking for, is surely going to be the safety. Especially, if you would like to know that your children are totally safe,when they are away on the slides and you are enjoying your drink,whether on your sunbath or in an Olympic-size swimming pool with your partner or your friend(s).

By reading our content on this page about Marmaris waterparks, you will achieve the goal of knowing all about them without experiencing any in your real life time. We thought that it would be a fantastic service, if we inform you with an extended information section on our website, where we have placed quite a lot information about each one of them as the following;

1. Atlantis Waterpark

We have given some useful explanations about Atlantis waterpark activity and how it works  on it’s page with a booking form included beside. But about the differences between the waterparks in Marmaris, we thought ; we shall consider ourselves to give some real info about every single one of them with all advantages and disadvantages.

Marmaris Waterparks Atlantis

When it comes to comparison between them, Atlantis seems as number one with what it offers for the price. It is the middle one of 3 when the comparison goes about the size. But they have succeed setting up a price policy,which is perfect for the budget of the families with lots of kids. But if we are to compare them based on the safety, Atlantis is the best waterpark in Marmaris for sure.

Their carpet covered walking (running for the kids) area converts this place easily to a safe play ground. Basically, Atlantis is the best Marmaris waterpark for whoever would like to enjoy the sunbathing around the pool or on the beach,where you can keep an eye on your children or on your even little babies easily.

Their fantastic and customer friendly price policy allows you to have also a perfect day out. You can buy all drinks and snacks or even some big meals inside the waterpark for a very reasonable price or just walk out  to a restaurant or a pub outside and call in for a drink or food and enjoy yourself before you get back in the waterpark. This place is the only one of them,where you are not obligated to have foods or drinks inside, as you could go in and out of the waterpark with your arm band anytime you like.

Finally, in our thoughts and based on our recommendations, Atlantis is the best, which we rely on the real customer reviews about the waterparks in Marmaris. You can also follow Marmaris waterpark reviews yourself at the bottom of this page,what the others are telling about the waterparks in Marmaris and take a detailed look at their experiences and read their Marmaris waterpark reviews.


The biggest and the one with a lot more different and wonderful slides. As the saying goes in Turkey ; “every deaf has a blind buyer.” Aquadream seems being very popular, even their safety disadvantage, the place gets easily full because of being the biggest waterpark in Marmaris with a lot more slides than the others, which might lead you to false thinking and ending up with totally the wrong choice.

Marmaris waterparks Aquadream

If you are a crowd of a youngsters holiday makers, then Aquadream might be the best option for you with their day time parties under the foam. But you should surely be watching out carefully, when you are walking around as the floor will always be very slippery as it never stays dry.

So for the families with the kids, even the possibility of being in the biggest waterpark in Marmaris, we shall not recommend you Aquadream, as it might turn into a nightmare rather than a nice memory of your holiday time.

In this place,which is located on top of hill nearby city center,where you could watch all Marmaris Bay from, you are not provided any second option of where to eat or drink. Walking out from the waterpark has a meaning of not being able to walk in back, unless you are buying another entrance ticket.

If you like partying,drinking,dancing and having lots of exciting water slides at the same time, rather than spending your whole day on your sunbed then Aquadream is surely the best option for you, unless you care about spending just a bit more on your foods and drinks, but is it not your holiday? 🙂

You will find also some honest comments about Aquadream within Marmaris waterpark reviews section of this page at the bottom.

Marmaris waterpark prices

Marmaris waterparks have all different prices as they all have different activities to offer. Because of such differences between their services, there are 3 different Marmaris waterpark prices.

Apart from that there will also be a possibility of your booking agent has a different Marmaris waterpark price policy,which will affect your budget in a positive or a negative way. You should be aware of where you book your Marmaris waterparks ticket and ask for all details before you sign up, in order to avoid paying for the most expensive ticket to have a Marmaris waterparks experience.

The best Marmaris waterpark price should be around 10 to 15 pounds but when the conditions change based on agency price, you might end up with paying a lot more. When you book your ticket for any of Marmaris waterparks with us, you will be totally satisfied as we provide you a cheaper price than by the gate,which includes also a pick up and a drop off service.

Marmaris waterpark reviews

Marmaris waterpark reviews might vary depending on the expectations of the person, who has experienced the place itself. Below you will find best Marmaris waterpark reviews in order to inform yourself more about the waterparks in Marmaris. To find out best Marmaris waterpark for yourself and your family, please consider reading all reviews.

Atlantis Waterpark

Atlantis Waterpark is the first waterpark of Marmaris with lots of enjoyable slides and activities.


Aquadream is the biggest waterpark of the town and it is located on a high hill having a beautiful scenery