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  1. You are so very intelligent and interesting. Thank you from USA

  2. As I study on, Enoch tells the story of the culture that built these structures. It is a worldwide culture. The "T-shaped pillars" in video are all over the world.
    Thanks for post this Vlad

  3. I for one like this fairly new personal introduction to the video helps me grasp where your going good job keep them coming stick with these personal intros thanks.

  4. History calls precisely oriented observatories "temples" hiding their original purposes. The T shaped structures at Gobekli Tepi are aligned precisely with three previous "true north" locations across Greenland, structures were built sequentially after successive Earth crust deformations resulting in new "true north" directions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sscxwyDv1E Mathematically proven oldest alignment is 1/4 million years old.

  5. ….the image at, 09:07 reminds me of copper sheets made by indigenous Canadian tribes.

  6. What if these islands were all actually part of dry land before the Mediterranean sea was formed – perhaps by a rise in the level of the Atlantic ocean causing a breach at the Pillars at the Straights of Gibraltar ? Was this a part of the great flood event perhaps connected to the Younger Dryas ? Brilliant images Vlad that show much more of these structures than I have seen before.

  7. Wow did not know about this! The other day I was thinking that it makes total sense that in ancient time they would find a way to melt rocks and then solidify them back, as they would have seen this process in volcanos.

  8. Great pics, sure does look like Gobekle Tepe, bet they date back as far, also.

  9. Thank you for beautiful video and thank you for sharing the experience. That was amazing. I appreciate the references with human complexion and the metric illustrations. Well done and it’s getting better. All the best 👏👏👏

  10. Love your videos, your knowledge & observations always illuminating!

  11. vlad9vt.
    Como siempre un magnífico reportaje de un trocito de España remota.
    Conocía parte del megalitismo de las islas, pero el trabajo que usted presenta, me ha descubierto, cosas que no conocía, y que en cierto modo me recuerda a Gobegli Tepe.

  12. Amazing, beautiful, stunning and cryptic.
    The old professor

  13. 23:02 reminds me of a very eroded or poor version of the cyclopean walls

  14. 21:17 Wow those like like ramparts from a star fort surrounding it as the wall structure in that aerial shot! Who were they protecting themselves from? They were on an island!

  15. From some event in the past there was a diaspora of a sea going culture that had the 'bigger stones' technology…they came ashore all over the world…there are artifacts in Alaska above the Arctic Circle near the shore, a town totally different from Eskimo villages, and old…how to explain this?…I dunno…one thought is that sea level rise inundated a world wide nascient culture that had seagoing ships…their towns were near the ocean, and now submerged on the continental shelves…legends of the great flood recall this…thing to note, this culture was on all the continents, not just one like Atlantis…think of Atlantians all over the world the way the Phoenicians were all over the Medeterranean…then the sea rose three hundred feet or more…and quickly…see the temperature charts of the end of the ice age…temps never spiked and fluctuated like that befoe…always wanted to visit Majorca, home of Robert Graves, the English poet, and an antquarian too…☺

  16. Very interesting Vlad. I agree it has similarities to Gobekle Tepe. Thanks for publishing.

  17. This place for me has Malta influence. Just like Malta still has a few small amounts of stucco still clinging to the surface of some walls… I'm sure this place had a substance that coated the walls and made them aesthetically pleasing as well but has long since turned to dust. The builders of this site clearly knew of severe earthquakes and built accordingly.

  18. Hi from France,
    I think the monuments at 23.50 are more recent than the first of your vidéo built with biggest stones

    ther are a lot of them in the south of France . these constructions served to men who keep animals and to protect from rain, or to leave during a season near the animals.In france there are also these stone walsl all around culture.


  19. It looks like different peoples built in the same place over many millenia. we see this in most sites were megalithic structures were built.

  20. I see magic. Not real magic…. Sympathetic magic.
    Build or re build what was or what you were told was in stories passed through generations….
    And you can call back the "gods" and restore what was lost.

  21. Thank you very much for this addition to the research on megalithic structures around the world! Excellent work!

  22. Что в переводе означает …Что? Не сказал. Изрезал. 1: 06 сек. Смотри если что!

  23. Существует сговор на международном уровне между историками,происходившее до рождества Исуса сжать хронологию в 5,5 раз.То есть если "историки" заявляют что памятнику 3500 лет,то смело умножайте на 5,5 и это будет Истина!

  24. It is funny to search for the number of PI calculated in the decimal system. In ancient civilizations, mathematics was more advanced than today, then there was the sixties system and PI had an integer value, at that time PI was not value 3.14. Our primitive civilization uses the most primitive decimal mathematics, in which nothing can be counted exactly, you can't even count the value of PI, because we get stupid value π ≈ 3,141592 653589 793238 462643 383279 502884 197169 399375 105820
    974944 592307 816406 286208 998628 034825 342117 067982 148086 513282
    306647 093844 609550 582231 725359 408128 481117 450284 102701 938521
    105559 644622 948954 930381 964428 …………………..

  25. Hi, Vlad. WOW, what amazing structures!! These same techniques are seen in many other ancient sites. And of course Gobekli Tepe. These images are beautifully presented. You have keen observation and an eye for detail. THANK YOU for sharing this awesome site with us!!

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