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Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

Monte-Carlo district to visit |  Provence 7

Casino – Opera © Alex Tihonov – Fotolia.com

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Monte Carlo 1B Fotolia 194189178 S Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

Monte Carlo. Sea view © laranik – Fotolia.com

  • monaco is a sovereign countrya common and one piece (Monaco-Ville known as the rock).
  • Monte Carlo is a piece. It is not the capital of Monaco.
    1. The ” Mount Charles » receives its name on July 1 1866 in honor of Prince Charles III of Monaco.
    2. Munte Carlu in Monegasque.
    3. Contrary to popular opinion, CM do not mean the initials of Monte Carlo but the abbreviation of monaco.
  • Area. 43,878 ha. The largest district of the Principality.
  • The district occupies a large part of the coastline.
  • To the east, the neighborhood adjoins The Larvotto and Larousse.
  • To the west, the district borders La Condamine and of Moneghetti.
  • Population. 14,586 inhabitants (2008).

What distinguishes the Monte-Carlo district

Monte Carlo Fêtes B Fotolia 75938200 S Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

Monte-Carlo celebrates © norbel – Fotolia.com

  • Prestige and Luxury.
  • The Game Universe.
  • The architecture and the gardens with jewels of the Belle Epoque.
  • The exceptional nature of Hotels, Restaurants and Haute Gastronomy.
  • Shopping.

Location of the Monte-Carlo District

Port de Monaco iStock 157509256 Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

Entrance to Port Hercule and the Monte-Carlo district © DaveLongMedia-Istockphoto.com

  • Prestige District in the center of the Principality.
  • Contact information and Map. NOT 43°44’21.1″ E 7°25’39.9″. Click on the text link to display the map of the Monte-Carlo district.
  • Access. Bus. CAM. Lines 1, 2, 4, 6.

Carte Monaco Quartiers Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

© Verlinden.

Main Streets and Squares of Monte-Carlo

  • the Golden Square refers to the most prestigious part of Monte-Carlo.
    1. Hermitage HotelWest.
    2. Residence Park PalaceNorth.
    3. Residence of MirabeauWest.
    4. Residence Monte-Carlo StarSouth.
  • Alleys of Boulingues.
  • Alleys Francois Blanc.
  • Ostend Avenue.
  • Great Britain Avenue (North Coast). limit with The Larvotto.
  • La Costa Avenue.
  • Madonna Avenue.
  • Avenue de Monte Carlo.
  • Avenue des Spelugues.
  • Avenue JF Kennedy.
  • Avenue Henri Dunant.
  • Avenue Princess Alice.
  • St. Laurent Avenue.
  • Boulevard of Switzerland.
  • Boulevard des Moulins.
  • General Lclerc Boulevard. Border with France.
  • Larvotto Boulevard. Partly. Larvotto tunnel ( Monaco GP).
  • Boulevard Louis II.
  • Boulevard Princess Charlotte.
  • Place des Moulins.
  • Casino Square.
  • Irises Street.
  • Porter Street. Parallel to Larvotto Boulevard.
  • Rue Reverend Father Louis Frolla (Limit with Larousse).
  • Square Beaumarchais.
  • Square Winston Churchill.

Highlights of the Monte-Carlo district

  • Coffee of Paris.
  • Monte Carlo Casino.
  • Saint Charles Church.

Monaco Héliport 2 Fotolia 5 Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

Hexa Grace of Vasarely © Alex Tihonov – Fotolia.com

  • Hexa Grace. Multicolored work of Vasarely.
  • Hermitage Hotel.

Louis XV 1 Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

Hotel de Paris – Louis XV © Verlinden.

Architecture A1 B Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

  • Hotel in Paris.
  • National Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Monte Carlo Opera.
  • Sporting Cinema.
  • Princess Grace Theater.

Nature in the Monte-Carlo district

  • Coastline of Sainte Devote Church until the exit of Larvotto Tunnel and at Sun Casino.
    1. United States Dock.
    2. Quai l’Hirondelle.
    3. Lucciana Pier.
    4. Pointe Focinane

Jardin Monaco Z1 Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

Gardens of Little Africa © Verlinden

Good addresses in the Monte-Carlo district

Exception Tables
  • Argentinian. Fairmont Hotel. 12 avenue des Spelugues.
  • Garden side. Hotel in Paris. Casino Square.
  • The Grill. Hotel in Paris. Casino Square.
  • The Louis XV. Alain Ducasse. World Gastronomy Summit. Hotel in Paris. Casino Square.
  • Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo. 4 avenue of the Madonna.
  • Rampoldi. 3 avenue des Spelugues.
  • The Vistamar. Hermitage Hotel. Square Beaumarchais.
  • yoshi. Hotel Metropole. 4 avenue of the Madonna.
Good restaurants and cafes
  • The Bistro. Charles III Gallery.
  • Buddha-Bar. Casino Square.
  • The Cafe de Paris. Casino Square.
  • Max’s Cellar. 3 St. Laurent Avenue.
  • Cosmopolitan Restaurant & Wine Bar. 7 Porter Street.
  • The Horizon Deck. Fairmont Monte Carlo. 12 avenue des Spelugues.
  • Il Terrazzino. 3 rue des Iris.
  • The Loga. 25 boulevard des Moulins.
  • The House of Caviar. 1 avenue Saint-Charles.
  • Monte Carlo Fuji. Metropolis shopping center. 2 Avenue of the Madonna.
  • mozzarella. 11 Porter Street.
  • Piamu U Frescu. 5 avenue Saint-Michel. Park Palace.
  • Pulcinella. 17 rue du Portier.
  • La Romantica. 3 St. Laurent Avenue.
  • The Sakura. 1 avenue Henri Dunant.
  • The Saint Benedict. 10 ter avenue de la Costa.
  • The Blue Train. Casino. Casino Square.
Nightlife – Outings
  1. Casino Cafe de Paris. Casino Square.
  2. Monte Carlo Casino. PCasino lace.
    1. Exceptional site which has been at the center of several major films (see article Cinema in Monaco).
  3. The Jimmy’z. Casino Square.
  4. Monte Carlo Opera. Casino Square.
    1. See article Monte Carlo Opera.
  5. Sporting Cinema. Winter Sports. Casino Square.
    1. See article Cinema in Monaco.
  6. Princess Grace Theater. 12 avenue d’Ostende.

Centre Commercial 11 Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

Metropolis Shopping Center

Shopping – Luxury
  • Fashion for Floors. 39 boulevard des Moulins. Gifts.
  • the Metropolis Shopping Center. 17 avenue des Spelugues.
    1. FNAC. Multimedia. Library.
    2. Fauchon. Gastronomy.
    3. Hédiard. Gastronomy.
    4. The duration. Gastronomy.
    5. Philippe Full. Fashion creation.
    6. Segraeti. Home – Decor.
    7. SocietyClub.
  • Opera Gallery Monaco. La Scala Palace. 1 avenue Henri Dunant.
  • SEM – Art Gallery. 20 La Costa Ave.
Form – Health
  • The Charlotte Institute. 20 Princess Charlotte Blvd.
  • Metropolis ESPA Monte-Carlo. 4 avenue of the Madonna.
  • Monte Carlo Gym. The Montaigne. 6 boulevard des Moulins.
  • Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. 2 avenue de Monte Carlo.
    1. See article Spa towns in Provence.

Jeu de Casino 1B Fotolia 139064797 XS Monte-Carlo district to visit | Provence 7

Casino games, historic heart of Monte-Carlo © Tatiana Morozova – Fotolia.com

the Monte Carlo district is strongly associated with Casino and at the SBM (Sea Bathing Society).

  • Fashion in Europe is Casino games in prestigious, often spa towns.
  • 1856. the Prince Charles III authorizes the opening of a Casino.
  • 1862. The first creation of a gaming establishment in Monaco City is a failure.
  • 1863. A new small establishment is created on the Plateau des Spélugues which owes its name to caves.
    1. From classical Latin spelunca itself from the Greek σπήλαιον (spelaion) which means cave and which is found in the word potholing.
    2. The establishment is unsuccessful.
  • 1863. Francois Blancwith recognized successes in Germany as Director of Casino, created the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM).
    1. Francois Blanc raises capital, finds a clientele that he begins to retain.
    2. The name of Plateau des Spéluges is however a hindrance.
      1. The word is confused in German with Spelunke (doubtful establishment).
      2. For other customers, the name is of no interest.
  • 1866. July, 1st. By order, the prince Charles III rename it Plateau des Spélugues in Monte Carlo.
    1. Under the direction of Francois Blancthen his wife Magdeleine-Victoire Huguelin (Mary White) , the SBM takes off.
  • 1911. The Principality of Monaco is divided into 3 municipalities.
    1. The territory of Monte Carlo then integrates the current districts of La Rousse-Saint-Roman, Larvotto-Bas-Moulins and Saint Michel.
  • 1917. Return to a single municipality for the whole Principality.

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