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my ideas for visits and walks

my ideas for visits and walks

Remember, I started to tell you about my stopover in Rio de Janeiro by telling you about its exceptional environment. Between beaches, forest and lagoon, this city has splendid assets. I continue today with my detailed program to visit Rio de Janeiro in 4 days, and ideas for walks in this city full of surprises.

Visit Rio de Janeiro in 4 days: my must-sees

Rio de Janeiro nature side

To discover my previous article on the Tijuca forest, the botanical garden, the lagoon and the beaches, it’s this way.

rio de janeiro nature side ipanema

Visit Rio de Janeiro in 4 days: the Cristo Redentor

We made the choice to climb only to the top of one of the main viewpoints, namely, the Corcovado. The view seemed more interesting to us. After that I’m not saying that the sugar loaf isn’t worth it since I didn’t go there. It is a choice to be made according to your budget.

When to go?

As we had been there on a Sunday and I absolutely wanted to avoid the crowds, so we went there for the opening at 9am. Well I wouldn’t recommend it at all lol. First in November there were three skinned, and on top it was pea puree, you couldn’t see anything at all. Indeed, the humidity of the night rises from the woods with the heat, and completely obstructs the view. We had to wait for 2h30 for it to rise and we finally see this fucking view. Well, she was worth it.

But you can imagine that in the meantime the mass of tourists had reappeared. And I must admit that it was a bit of anxiety. The most amazing? The poses people take. There are even mattresses to lie on the ground! In short, the show is also on the promontory, I tell you ;-).

visit rio de janeiro in 4 days corcovado photos

So I would rather recommend the end of the day and sunset to be quiet and enjoy a beautiful light;-)

How to get there ?

Nothing could be simpler, you can take the bus (see on rome2rio to know the best option depending on your starting point), by metro, or even by bicycle. However, all of these options are time consuming. So if you want to go to corcovado in the early morning, opt for the local Uber: the 99 pop, which I will tell you about in the next article. For our part, from Ipanema, we only paid 18 reais and arrived in 30 min.

At the entrance you pay your ticket, 62 reais in low season and 75 reais in high season (card accepted). Then it’s off to the little train that takes you to the top. Note that you can also go up on foot (long) or by bus. However, be aware that if you go up with the little train, you will have to go down with the little train and not by bus. Otherwise, if you find the way back on foot, we’re all for it, because we’re always looking for it!

If you want to go to Cristo redentor in high season, especially on Sundays, you can buy your ticket in advance via website. Otherwise there are several points of sale throughout the city.

My impressions of the Cristo Redentor

The site is super well laid out, all that is most comfortable. You will find a bar restaurant, free toilets and souvenir shops of course. Some cute little monkeys might put on a show for you ! We were treated to a front-row seat. Well I learned later that the Brazilians considered them pigeons. It shows that they have never taken a pigeon shit on the head hehe!visit rio de janeiro in 4 days monkey cristo redentor

visit rio de janeiro in 4 days monkey papouilles cristo redentor

Arrived at the top I was a little disappointed by the Christ that I found smaller than what I expected. Blame it on the photos taken from a low angle or by drone (sorry but I hate drones, a real noise and visual pollution). visit rio de janeiro in 4 days cristo redentor

On the other hand, the view is just wow. Both on the beach side and on the sugar loaf side. This allows you to imagine the city very well., which is nice once you start to get your bearings. A must.

visit rio de janeiro in 4 days, view of corcovado

The sugar loaf side view

The beach side view with the laguna right in the middle!

A walk through the main neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro in one day

Here is a beautiful walk that allows you to immerse yourself in the different districts of the city in a day’s walk. A path is also marked by the city thanks to the signs “Rio on foot”. Let yourself be guided 🙂 A magnificent day that made me love Rio a little more.

Morning program

The southern beaches

Living in Ipanema, we went up Ipanema and Copacabana. Then, almost at the end, turn left towards the Flamingo district.


Very lively area when we were there at lunchtime. Lots of friendly little bars and restaurants frequented by local employees. We also stopped for a good ice cold beer (served in chilled glasses, the foot) in one of the many restaurants.

Then after passing quickly through Botafogo, here we are in Gloria.


This is where the indoor market is located which was closed when we were there. If you want to buy your Corcovado tickets, you will also find an information kiosk and a purchase terminal. It’s a lively area with small fruit and odds and ends stands. Then gradually, the district is transformed into a business district with tall buildings and employees in suits.visit rio de janeiro in 4 days street art visit rio de janeiro in 4 days street art

The afternoon program


The famous Selaron Stairs

I absolutely wanted to go there since I had seen the clip of Pharrel and Snoop Dog, Beautiful haha. Well I was not disappointed. It is superb and there were not too many people. Selaron, its creator, patiently assembled all the mosaics of this staircase. Many of them came from all over the world, a true symbol of unity. You will also find some from France ;-). However, these stairs have a very sad history since its creator, Selaron, was found burned to death on one of these steps a few years ago. Murder or suicide, the mystery has not been solved. In any case, all this gives the place a unique aura, both moving and colorful. visit rio de janeiro in 4 days selaron staircase

visit rio de janeiro in 4 days selaron world map

visit rio de janeiro in 4 days selaron couple


I confess that I did not really understand the attraction. They are indeed arches with a white bridge. We saw them from afar, I don’t even have a photo.

Safety note : A tip if you want to connect Lapa to Santa Teresa on foot, a street goes up to the top of the Selaron stairs. Take it to the tram station, and go to the Santa Teresa district by tram, especially since it is free and super pleasant ! For our part, we went up on foot, and some sections were deserted and a little gloomy. In addition, we came across 3-4 “warning, armed robbery zone” signs. How can we tell you that we didn’t last forever…

Santa Teresa

I had heard so many good things about this neighborhood, I admit I was a little disappointed going there.. Admittedly, it’s very cute with the peaceful streets and the large houses with flower gardens. But most of the animation concentrates on one or two streets and I really didn’t find that transcendent. I probably missed it! In any case, I liked the street art that can be found everywhere ! We then took the tram back down to the center.

visit rio de janeiro in 4 days santa teresa street art

The Center

From the tram you can see the famous pyramid cathedral, it’s a very pleasant little walk. We therefore took the opportunity to visit the interior (finally take a look what), rather pretty and very original.

visit rio de janeiro in 4 days center teatro municipal

All these police officers it is because there was a demonstration I reassure you.

visit rio de janeiro in 4 days centro cathedralThen we went to Plaza Floriano, saw the municipal theater and the Lagoa de Carioca. Finally, we had a drink when we left the offices (5:30 p.m.) on rue Ovidor, a sort of thirsty street. Meeting not to be missed on weeknights to mingle with the employees who come to drink many beers and have a bite to eat after work. Great atmosphere, tables stuck tight to each other. We got the last table!

visit rio de janeiro in 4 days centro rue ouvidor

After that, at this time, we must return by metro (Cinelandia station) or by taxi ! Note that the Centro is best visited during the week because it is deserted on weekends.

Visit Rio de Janeiro in 4 days: my program

When we arrived in Rio around 5 p.m., we just went for a walk on Ipanema and some shopping after putting down our backpacks.

  • D1 – Stroll through the different districts (see above).
  • J2– Rain so rest day and big food (address of madness to come in my next article). Then evening samba in the evening. I will tell you more about it in my next article as well.
  • D3– Ascent to Corcovado then walk in the forest of Tijuca. Visit of the botanical garden and evening at the Babilonia Feria Hype.
  • D4 – We had planned to take the morning bus to Ouro preto but in the end no. We still wanted to enjoy the city. So we landed on Ipanema beach with a caja juice after a short jog. We only took the bus back in the early afternoon.

Other possible activities in Rio de Janeiro

Guided tours

Activities abound in Rio! Our hostel, for example, offered a bike tour of the city. Many free walktours are offered. If you feel like it, you can also visit the Favela Rocinha, the largest favela in the world, now peaceful. Personally, I’ve always had a problem with this idea of ​​observing people in their daily lives like curious animals. However, I think the towers offer a subtle approach that is not voyeuristic, and that can be rewarding. See for yourself 🙂

the sports activities

Stand-up paddle, parachute jumping, paragliding, helicopter ride, the possibilities of activities are as long as your arm. If your wallet is too hehe ;-).

And then obviously Rio de Janeiro is also its bars, its restaurants and its crazy evenings! For it See you in my next article.

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