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My Private First Class Suite to Dubai – Onboard Emirates

My Private First Class Suite to Dubai – Onboard Emirates

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Today I’m flying Emirates First Class all the way over to Dubai. Join me every step of the way for 8 hours in one of the best suites in commercial aviation. In my trip report i’ll showcase the fine dining, various features of my suite and even show you the shower spa! What’s more there’s a lounge to relax in in between sleep and food! This will be on the Airbus A380, the largest commercially flying aircraft.

0:00 – Introduction
2:00 – Emirates Lounge
6:33 – Suite Tour
8:10 – Dinner Service
10:00 – The Shower
11:00 – Bed
12:00 – Onboard Lounge



  1. Love the vid Will!! I've never been in first class other than domestic US First Class. Hopefully I can get in a first class soon. Good work and keep it up!!

  2. Stop lying about the ag1 drink, we know you find it disgusting and that you only drank the once for sponsorship reasons!

  3. Dubai has amazing architecture,but, it also has serious problems w/ domestic slavery, and more. An unmarried American couple living there to work were being watched carefully by the police, as they were quick to jail the female of the pair when it became obvious that she was pregnant. Sex outside of marriage is against the law. Employers take passports away from traveling domestic workers, deny their basic human rights, beat the workers, lock them inside and more, including murder. The workers are considered sub-human & this attitude is common. Dubai tourism should be boycotted as a message to government that the world knows what they are doing.

  4. Awesome video as always!
    I gotta ask though, am I the only one that doesn’t like emirates first class? The service is unbeatable but to me it just looks so outdated/tacky. It reminds me of Donald trumps office lol

  5. I realize it's Emirates, but such a stark contrast between first class in the rest of the world and "first class" in the US

  6. I'm flying 1st class Emirates from Sydney to London in October. A present to myself after a very rough 5 years. I think I deserve it though. Once in a lifetime!

  7. $2k for that trip? That is ridiculously cheap for what you get. Well done!

  8. Maybe you can read the label of the Dom but you can’t pronounce Moët properly and instead try to act like you are one of the highest ballers.

  9. before you said what it cost, I tried to start a booking myself to see what it would cost and it did come up as $24K so not sure how you could do 2K. how many flights did you have to do other than direct to get 2K for such luxury?

  10. Man I miss Bangkok! But yea that “priority” checkpoint is a joke. Can’t wait to get back though

  11. So tell me, why does a British bloke often wear a NASA sweatshirt?

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