Once Upon a Time in Celebration, Walt Disney’s Dream Town

It was in Florida that Walt Disney created his enchanted kingdom in the mid sixties. Theme parks, shops, restaurants, factories and even an entire city.

A few miles from Orlando, the streets of Celebration transport visitors to a cartoon decor. A magical getaway!

Celebration, a cartoon-perfect town

We have long hailed the qualities ofartistofentrepreneur and of visionary by Walt Disney.

But few people know about his talents asarchitect and D’urban planner.

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He dreamed of a city ideal without violence where everyone would flow happy Days. Thirty years later, this utopian town sprang up and took the name of Celebration.

Walt Disney unfortunately did not have time to admire his work.

Celebration has the appearance of a normal american town with its long streets and green lawns. Bodies of water, a main street with stalls and restaurants, all in one absolute cleanliness.

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Because here, it’s like anywhere else in Florida but better. Houses without fences and without grills seem to be home to happy families. Not a blade of grass higher, no laundry at the windows or a dwarf in the garden.

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Everything is measured and regulated to (good) neighborly relations.

Celebration, a Florida town almost like the others

While Celebration may appear too slick to some, it remains a pleasant destination. Walk down the main street with its original signsis to enter the Disney universe.

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Calm and peaceful, the walk around the artificial lake is conducive to animal encounters. Alligator, heron, cormorant, crane and other curiosities delight photographers and children.

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But what stands out above all is this feeling of living in a movie set. The spire of the glacier evokes “Back to the future”.

We imagine the Sleeping Beauty descend the steps of the building on the lake. The superb houses in pastel tones display their architecture with colonial or Victorian influences. Not unlike the famous street from the Desperate Housewives series: Wisteria Lane.

With these 7,500 inhabitants, Celebration acts as a village next to Orlando. But a village with timeless and magical charm which opens the doors to a dream. That of seeing his children grow up and live in an ideal world.

Celebration is truly a pleasant visit apart from the traditional stages. One of our favorites with Key West and Savannah during our 19-day roadtrip in Florida !


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