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One Night in Pattaya – Walking Tour in 2022

One Night in Pattaya – Walking Tour in 2022

Walking tour of the area around Tree Town in Pattaya. This area is the most active with many people going out at night time to enjoy some food and drinks.
Scenes from the streets of Pattaya, Thailand at night time.
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  1. How about small micro business and tuk tuk , carts and stuff?

  2. A lot of really good looking young women all dressed up and most the men old fat white dudes just in a t shirt and blue jeans lmao i wonder what they're all up to 🤔

  3. Walking in Bangkok Hi mate. Please, tell us – is the Pattaya much worse than before the Covid? I''ve seen a couple o videos telling people, Pattaya is much worse now.

  4. So many incel looking white men here, hilarious. They go there and think that these girls are attracted to them xd

  5. You girl….???

  6. Are the white people there to spread freedom and democracy?

  7. i call it the 4 bzzzz bars booze birds and backy wot a way to go ha ha

  8. Is it open for travel without restrictions?

  9. Welcome to the world.. 😁😁 "gO in bcome a Rich guys, gO Out bcome a Poor guys"

  10. You'd certainly want to watch your intake of beer, fuck knows who or what you'd end up with…..

  11. Great walking tour. I like your video intro. Greeting from 🇬🇧

  12. People dont go to Thailand it’s a waste of time and money

  13. Your audio is bad,it can harm the ear of your subscribers & viewers.please fix your audio

  14. Awesome absolutely love it.
    Good job with the video I totally enjoyed it 👍😀
    Thank You 😊🙏 Pattaya is full of life.

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