Plan your beach wedding in Mexico

If you’re planning to get married on the beach in Mexico, chances are you’ll have visions of a dreamy ceremony, complete with a tranquil setting complete with ocean breezes, feet in the sand, and a breathtaking sunset to create the perfect backdrop for exchanging vows. Even if your special day goes exactly as planned, a beach wedding presents a unique set of challenges because Mother Nature, as we all know, has her way. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared for your beach wedding. Here are some tips to make your beach wedding an amazing experience that you and your guests will never forget:

The importance of light

Mexican beaches provide a beautiful natural setting for your wedding. A daytime wedding is therefore the best way to make the most of its incredible beauty. After the sun goes down, the water is dark and it’s harder than ever to capture the perfect photos of the big day. Lighting doesn’t just affect the ceremony, it’s also important when it comes to taking great beach wedding photos. If you expect the ceremony to end an hour before sunset, your photographer will be able to capture daytime action shots and great sunset portraits.

Mexico beach wedding photography

Working with elements

You definitely don’t want to get sunburned on your wedding day, so be sure to find a light, non-fading sunscreen that will protect you. You can also consider giving your guests sunscreen in case they forget to bring their own. The heat of the sun can wreak havoc on flowers, so it’s a good idea to look for varieties that tolerate it well, such as water lilies, orchids, succulents and freesias. When planning your beach wedding in Mexico, try to use flowers that are native to that region to prevent them from wilting. Fortunately, Mexican tropical flowers are beautiful, vibrant and colorful.

A sound system is recommended

The beach can be a noisy place, whether it’s the waves or the wind, and having your wedding ceremony there can prevent guests from hearing what’s being said. Using a covered microphone during the ceremony will allow everyone to hear your vows instead of background noise, as nice as that is.

Choosing the right dress…

If you’ve been dreaming of a princess dress, you may need to rethink your options, as it can be difficult to move around in a big dress, especially at a beach wedding. By choosing a lightweight fabric with an understated shape, like a tube dress, you’ll feel comfortable all day and all night.

… and the right accessories

While some brides still insist on heels, wearing them in the sand is extremely difficult. Flat sandals, wedges or tennis shoes are better options that will prevent you from sinking into the sand. You can also go barefoot because you will still be on the beach; just make sure you have a linen sheet or lots of flower petals to keep your feet from getting too hot in the sand. You can also consider forgoing a veil, which can be a real nightmare to wear in the ocean breeze, especially when it comes to photography. If you still want to have it, opt for a simple style or better yet, use fresh flowers to decorate your hair.

Hire a wedding planner

Why hire a wedding planner? When we imagine our wedding, we have hundreds of ideas in mind, sometimes unrelated, that we’ve seen on Pinterest, Instagram, our friends’ weddings, wedding blogs… With so much information in the air, sometimes it’s not easy to know what we really want or where to start building the project. The first thing to do is to help you discover what you have in mind and bring it to life: interpret your vision skillfully and consistently, provide creative ideas, bring beauty and harmony to all the details and create a common thread that gives emotion and meaning to this wonderful experience . Relying on expert advice will bring you security and guarantee success.

On the other hand, a weeding scheduler will make a job that is actually very complex look simple. Thanks to his training, knowledge, experience and contacts, he will facilitate your planning process: selection and negotiations with suppliers, agreements, visits, payment terms and much more. Thanks to his specialization, he knows the offer to perfection and knows first-hand which are the best suppliers for each type of customer. He will always offer you the best options taking into account your taste, your budget and your style.

The result will be guaranteed. If you surrender to the expertise and passion of the planner, you will have the best possible wedding. He will make sure that everything is ready for the big day, ensuring that the result is always perfect. The wedding day, you have to live it intensely, take advantage of every moment, there is no room for worries. This is why it is necessary to hire a wedding organizer who takes care of the small details that make a wedding simply beautiful (For more tips here).


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